As the latest newbie to join the 4DP flock I thought it was time to introduce myself. I’m Nadee Guy – the newest online Marketing Coordinator on the team! We bring marketing services to Byron Bay, Ballina, the Gold Coast… and beyond.

I think the long story of my career can be captured in a nutshell – I love marketing because of its balance in both creativity and measurability. I really appreciate beautiful design, but I also love the ability to measure its success! 

These days more than ever, I believe in the importance of “good work” in our world. We need businesses contributing positively to our planet and people. That’s one of the reasons I was so excited to start working with Four Drunk Parrots. I want to use my skills and experience to help purpose-driven businesses achieve their goals. 


How can I help with Online Marketing?


My experience ranges from food franchising (I worked in marketing for Eagle Boys Pizza), to global cross-channel marketing client service (working with Experian, on a range of clients like Mantra, Deaf Lottery and Lite ’n Easy), to freelancing (I have been consulting independently for several years, with businesses like BoxHawk and The Beach Geek). 

In recent years I’ve focused on email marketing, and despite the rise of social media I strongly believe email marketing is where it’s at – if a customer trusts you to invite you into their inbox, it’s an invitation that means a higher likelihood your message will be seen.

Other than email marketing, I can help with overall strategy – I love reviewing a business’ overall goals and then aligning marketing strategy and tactics designed to achieve them. If you run a purpose-driven business – especially one that helps our beautiful earth – I’m super motivated to help in your mission. 

I have strong attention to detail (it drives my husband a little crazy), thrive on process, and can’t get enough of planning (Bullet Journal fans, hear me?)


The Personal Stuff


I’m a woman who loves the big city and have all the time in the world for New York… but I’m a small-town girl at heart. I love living in the Northern Rivers and am endlessly grateful for our beautiful beaches and incredible forests. 

As far as marketing and relationships are concerned, I believe in real-world connection (I recently joined – and love – Meetup). Social media has its place but I believe genuine connections are the future. Write me a letter or text me a photo – (much to the amusement of my friends), don’t expect me to see it on social media. 

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