The most hated forms of advertising

Advertising is arguably the most visible part of marketing. It is the part that your prospects get to see all the time, even after they become customers. So you should put a lot of energy into making sure that your adverts are appealing.

As you aim to make your adverts appealing, you should not forget to be ethical. If you, in any way, use exaggerated points or sugar coat any part of your business with the aim of luring buyers, your business will lose reputation and profit.

In light of this, let us look at the types of advertising that will not only repel your prospects, but also give off a poor impression in the business world. Here are some of the advertising practises that customers hate the most.

Nobody likes pop up ads

With respect to ethics, pop up ads to not really break any moral rules. But if you have been studying customer response, you will discover a consensus that they actually hate it.

As a business owner, you are probably a subscriber to other services. Even if you like the product, you wouldn’t want your screen time interrupted by adverts, so you can surely relate to the way your prospects will feel about it.

To ensure that your customers don’t experience such annoying interruptions, make sure your marketing team does not use pop up ads. There are many other friendlier ways to convey your message.

This hated form of advertisement is why your business website could be getting low traffic even if you seem to be doing every other thing right.

If you are guilty of practising this form of advertisement, get in touch with your tech or marketing team immediately and have them put a stop to it.

Long advert content

The first two advertising practices listed here are focused on digital marketing, but this one applies to both online and offline forms of marketing — nobody wants to read long texts or watch long videos of an advert.

In rare cases, some people may find a long video of an advert entertaining, but eventually, it will look like a waste of time.

Let us use a billboard as an example. If you come across one that is full of text and images as you walk, drive by, or are stuck in traffic, would you take the time to start reading the content?

Of course not. The same also applies to long video commercials.

To use text and videos in adverts is good, just keep them nice and short. If people want to know more, they can go to your website, social media page, or walk into your store.

False product claims

This is the most hated form of advertising, and it has to do with the content of your ad, unlike the others mentioned above that focus on the method in which the content is fed to your target market.


No matter how much people love your adverts, you will immediately be hated if customers find out you deceived them with false claims. So apply honesty in any method you use to advertise.

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