The importance of building strong online relationships with customers

In the past few years retailers have been facing serious difficulties. These include struggling physical store fronts, massive debt, and inefficient operations, and maintaining online relationship. If the big retailers can’t make it, how are the smaller ones supposed to survive the online surge?

These two infographics below show (over the past two years) when well known US brands filed for bankruptcy. Giving you a bit of an idea of the seriousness of the situation.

CBInsights who created the graphics also provide a comprehensive look at 68 recent bankruptcies in the US from 2015.

The reasons behind them here.


Some of these brands include very well known names like clothing brand Diesel, Payless Shoes, Nine West, and Sears among others. But this shouldn’t just spell doom and gloom. If you are well prepared and keeping up with the change you can take advantage of the new retail landscape.


This is where we can’t put enough emphasis on the importance of building strong online relationships with customers. And where Inbound marketing really comes into play. We think Inbound marketing is where it’s at for building online relationships. And that it is an essential tool that can drastically change these types of outcomes for businesses today. As you are bring the right audience in to you instead of pushing material outwards onto people who aren’t necessarily interested in your products.


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Online retailers also need to review and analyse their online shops performance. They also need to review the user experience they are providing, their social media channels, pricing and lead nurturing set up. Plus upselling and cross-selling. As these elements all contribute to your brands success, or failure.


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