The Best Instagram Ads

Are you looking for inspiration to get your ad campaign rolling? Here are some of the best ads from the Instagram Ad Campaign Creatives. But we won’t just show them to you – we’ll tell you why these Instagram Ads work!

1.  The impression of 3D draws and holds the viewer’s attention. The expression in Matt Damon’s eyes creates interest in his situation — …But you’ll have to see the movie to find out what happens next!

2.  This use of 3D has the strawberry popping out of the screen. Juxtaposing it with the blue floor, and surrounding it with liquid-brown and flesh tones focuses viewer’s attention.

3.  In this Instagram Ad the colours tell the story here: The golden girl symbolises someone precious. The steel-strong greys ensconce and protect her. A clean, simple, and effective insurance image.

4.  The profusion of colours allows your eyes to jump around, but the clear lines created by the laid out garments point to the brand name: LT. Present the products, but guide the eye.

5.  There are two steps in marketing: Get noticed, then get recognised. Mirchanda is the former, ‘get noticed’ content. People respond to people more than objects; so this artistic, expressive picture gets noticed. This Instagram Ad has it all, we think.

6.  Exercise is challenging. So a challenging ad is consistent with the business and products offered by an exercise retailer. Qaloring isolates its target demographic and challenges them with one well constructed and thoughtful image.

7.  The boundaries of the picture, hands, and mobile phone, focus viewers ever deeper into this post-modern, artistic puzzle-game. A great use of colours works to draw in and tease viewers.

8.  This image from The Halloween Shop jars and intrigues. The models are negatives of one another – down to their costumes, hair colour and eye colour – but they’re holding hands; relaxed yet rigid; brightly lit, yet in dingy surroundings. An evocative image.

9.  Our eyes move from left to right across a page. So, in this example we see Visa’s new Android Pay app; the desired object; and then the checkout pay-wave machine – in that order. ‘Buy it now…’, the image tells us, ‘—no more checkout queues’.

10.  A friendly face is sometimes all you need. This image says, ‘Trevor Noah isn’t trying to be Jon Stewart, but he’ll love his audience just as much!’

11.  Follow the blue line (remember what we said about scanning from left to right?). Each image sees the model in a stronger, and more independent pose. ‘Clothes maketh the woman’, is the story of this visual journey.

12.  Similar to number 9 above, though this time Visa is putting their new app front and centre of the purchasing circle. This image virtually excludes the pay-wave checkout, allowing customers to pay for their dinner without interrupting it, straight from their mobile device.

13.  The outline of the model’s legs draws our eyes down to her shoes. The empty shoes beside her invite the target market to try them on. Different colours for different women; Gilt has got you covered girls!

14.  The earthy tones of this Gametimeapp image ground their target market. Our eyes follow the clock tower up to the stadium bleachers, lights, and a blue sky. A fresh, bright, exciting image suggests the experience you’ll have.

15.  Redolent in purple and blue, the lemon-gold Cruzan Rum oozes cool luxury, and sophistication. Two drinks imply two people. The cushions and intimate setting suggest it’s going to be fun … with a twist?

16.  Getfreshly juxtaposes coloured food images to imply their wide range of appetising meals. The different backgrounds and bowls suggest their meals suit all occasions and events.

17.  The blues, browns, and greens of this image tell you what to expect at this resort. The empty chairs and pool suggest peace and tranquillity; the crowded image of the trees, and blue skies beyond hint at activity. It’s your holiday – you choose.

18.  Be the centre of attention; be the one having fun! We all relate to a fun action shot, so we can all relate to the product associated with it.

19.  Escape the colourless grind with TV show, ‘The Mindy Project’. The party-green balloons, red Dorothy shoes, and big blue sky work together to suggest where Hulu’s show will take you.

20.  A small, but architecturally creative house shows redfinrealestate have your best interests at heart: Inexpensive but imaginative. The tree branches in the foreground are suggestive of arms reaching for the product. They create a sense of urgency, in an otherwise calm and stable image.

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