The Anatomy of a Great Media Page

Do you ever go to a website and see a great media page, but don’t know how it was done? Well, you’re in luck! In this post, we will dissect a great media page and show you what makes it effective. By understanding the anatomy of a great speaker page, you can create one for yourself that will engage potential clients and bookers alike. Let’s get started!

A Media Page, sometimes called a Press or News page is a page on your website designed as a specific marketing tool that can work in two ways:

  • demonstrate your experience and showcases your success with and in the media
  • serve as a research tool for event planners and journalists who want to learn more about you

If an event manager wants to learn more about you before they decide to approach you for a speaking engagement, it would be a total disappointment if they can’t find the information they need and choose someone else instead. They won’t approach you first and later check your website. Remember, they are busy people who will naturally be inclined towards the websites which makes it easy for them to get the information they need quickly & seamlessly before approaching you for a speaking engagement.

Media Page Essentials: Top 5 that matters.

  • Contact Information

It doesn’t matter if you already have a Contact page, or even if your contact information is in the footer of every page of your site, it’s in your best interest to make it very easy for people to contact you using their method of choice. Ideally, you have both an email and a phone number, and if relevant, a mailing address.

Another option is to have a dedicated media contact form that routes straight to the right person in your organisation that handles media enquiries.

Check out these examples from Animal Emergency Services

  • Media Friendly Bio

It is important that your media bio is straightforward and a short version that states your mission, your credentials, and any key areas of focus – as a Great Speaker (in your case).
Include speaking engagements, awards, and any impressive results or statistics that will WOW event planners and your prospective audience. Make sure it includes your value statements and major highlights as well.

Danielle LaPorte does this effectively on her page, where she shares both short- and long-form bios.

  • Media Mentions

You’ve been interviewed or quoted in an article or social media posts, link to it. And you’ve done a guest blog post for someone? Link to it. If there’s a video about you, link to it. If you’ve won an award, link to it. You get the idea – link everything to your media page to make it great. And include the logos of the sites that cover you, especially if they’re impressive to attract meeting planners and prospect audience.

Any and all of these instances are worth linking to on the media page, as detailing media coverage helps to position you as both credible and newsworthy.
Check this media mentions featuring Jason Gilbert

  • New and Existing Press Release

Press releases are commonly thought to be long, buttoned-up documents riddled with buzzwords; however, that’s not always the case. If you have any crafted press release, provide links to them here. Press releases will make the event planners aware what to expect from you.


Media Assets

We recommend putting together also a media kit or at least media asset folder with visuals, social media links, and headshots that event managers can use for their promotions. To eliminate back and forth requests, your media page should serve as a hub for the following things:

  • Relevant Graphics or Logos

Say you’re an author, include a high-res download of your book cover. If you’re a business owner, include your logo. If you sell products, include images of them.
And as a great speaker that you are – impressive and eye photos of past events or even a showreel.

  • Headshots

At the very least, you want to include high-quality headshots and current bios for any of the company’s CEO, founders, or executives and links to their social media accounts as well. Include both high and low-res versions for download.

  • Endorsements

This is a great place to include your best reviews & testimonials. Remember you are a great speaker, link and tag your endorsements in this section. You are selling yourself as a great speaker, indeed, sell off your best in this page for the meeting planners to see.

Make your media page stand out as you are – the Great Speaker. If you can’t do it on your own – outsource to the experts. They will help you to hone a great media page on your behalf, just make sure it is aligned in the above-mentioned guidelines.