That Sinking Feeling…

We’ve all done it. You know the feeling. All the blood rushes to your head. Your stomach drops into your shoes. Your ears start to rush.

You’ve accidentally emailed someone you shouldn’t have.
Or, in this case, you’ve accidentally CC’d about 300 people, instead of BCC’ing them.

Oh No.

Once it’s out in the world, you can’t control where it goes.

Sometimes people start replying-all, angrily complaining about all the spam in their inboxes (simultaneously adding to others’).

Lots and lots of emails

Sometimes you might get a serious complaint.

Angry typing

And sometimes, the people on your list have a sense of humour and put you up on a pedestal for everyone to laugh at. (Especially when it’s marketers 😉 )

Point and laugh!

This morning we were tickled when one of our fellow marketing industry providers – SEMrush – landed in our inbox with an accidental CC list of over 300 other clients. In an industry where email addresses are like gold (seriously, how’s your opt-in process? lol) giving them out is a bit generous. (We jest, of course – everyone knows you don’t email someone who hasn’t deliberately opted into your list )

The best part? There were a few replies-all, but everyone was in good humour and feeling for the individual who hit ‘send’ on that email.

We laugh at your expense, SEMrush, but seriously – we’ve all done it. We feel your pain and we’re right there with you!

Love yoooou