Successful LinkedIn Ads & Why They Work

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is one of the most important platforms for sharing professional content – and hugely underutilised. Compared to other social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, LinkedIn has over 94% of B2B marketers distributing content throughout. So this is the perfect space for a B2B company. Are you using LinkedIn ads?

On LinkedIn, you post your content and can promote the content by adding a link back to your site – just like other social media platforms. In fact, you can also use LinkedIn ads to target your potential audience and make sure that you find your target audience. More importantly, when it comes to brand awareness, this is one of the most reliable platforms, where you can also add content to your page, or you can spread information about your latest products and services.

Just like other networking platforms, LinkedIn has a massive crowd and the audience mostly anticipates business-related content, this makes it an ideal site for brand advertisement. In reality, when compared to Facebook and Twitter, for any B2B marketers, LinkedIn is one of the most crucial advertising channels.

The popularity it has gained among marketers does make it a crowded place. So, if you need to build a unique position is the marketplace, so you do need very persuasive ads and high-quality content.

It is vital to create ads that enthuse and engage the audience, so to help you achieve the goal, we have compiled some successful examples to get your creativity flowing:

Dell EMC

The advertising technique Dell EMC used reflects the perfect use of #ThrowbackThursday. This ad consists of an image from the ’90s, stating – “Thanks to our customers, partners…,” which is a great way to show gratitude and modesty to your customers and highlights their growth. In order to create an eloquent ad, make sure you are creating content relatable to your customers and target audience.

Tableau Software

Instead of directly selling your product or service you should create an apt advertisement that can catch the eye of your potential audience, without directly telling them to purchase your product. For instance, look at the advertisement Tableau Software created, it shows the dedication of the company to ending veteran and chronic homelessness. The image also connects the audience at an emotional level and promotes the company’s perspective. How can one ignore this kind of advertising!?


Adobe’s commitment to oppose stereotypes always grabs the attention of many marketers. For instance, in this ad, they asked about the leadership advice from people, before directly asking female executives to share tips in the honor of Women’s History Month. This advertisement focused on the way women are excelling in the corporate industry alongside Women’s History Month – meaning you want to ensure your content is current and what people are discussing.

JetBlue Airways

A simple and effective way of reaching a massive audience. JetBlue’s advertisement is remarkable, it allows the audience to gain all the necessary information, and especially the discount offer of 20% off. In addition to this, “A springboard for Spring travel” catches the eye of the audience, which is designed to be captivating and unique at the same time. JetBlue always avoids direct promotion of their brand, instead, they create appealing content that grabs the attention of their audience. This is the best strategy for any kind of advertising, instead of screaming – buy our product, just speak about what you have and let the audience come and find you.


Instead of directly selling your product on LinkedIn, you can create helpful content for your audience and add a backlink to it, this is undeniably one of the best strategies that will help you to gain awareness of your brand and attract a number of visitors to your site. For instance, Toptal uses LinkedIn to share useful content that is related to their product for their audience. This helps them to attract a large audience, and shun the direct promotion act we all hate.

Elon University

The Elon University sets an amazing example of advertising, using graphics and videos to grab the attention of visitors, and their content is commendable. Since, more than 50% of executives rely on watching videos instead of reading text, it covers all the information in a visual form, making it easily digestible. Adding videos and graphics as a form of brand marketing is a perfect strategy.


Visa is yet another great example of great marketing campaigns, and they utilise video on LinkedIn to promote their products. In fact, the videos they create are often addictive, just like this one, which features a group of women talking about starting a business. This is really a motivational video, and the creators have done a wonderful job in showing the importance of Visa and highlighting its new initiatives.


As we see they are sharing the content published by another company, but this ad still seems genuine and relatable. In addition to this, the hashtags they have used are fun to read and you can relate, the image also perfectly conveys the meaning of the ad. This is a perfect example of online advertising and creating community by sharing other content.


It’s time to take some risks in life, while everyone is going gaga about creating something graphical and complex, try going for simplicity. This is why the advertisement from WeWorks really succeeds, their simple and brief approach helps them to convey their message directly while promoting their brand in an effective manner.


For more information on how to run a successful LinkedIn Campaign Hootsuite has a great article here Or if you would like to speak to someone at 4DP for some additional help get in touch today!