Social Responsibility in Business

Looking beyond financial gains and doing business that can help the planet is a movement that is truly improving the business world, and social responsibility in business is a core part of this movement.

What is social responsibility marketing?

In social responsibility marketing, corporate bodies and small business owners do business with guidelines that will help them attract ethical customers.

Of course, a wider range of customers would mean more profit, but the ones who want to improve society and make the world a better place are the target market of social responsibility marketing.

Also referred to as socially responsible marketing, this method of doing business is all about putting social and environmental benefits before profit and working around ethical marketing 

Thankfully, when businesses adopt this model, it turns out to be good for all their endeavours. In fact, it attracts the best customers, more partners, and boosts profits.

Forms of social responsibility in business

Social responsibility in business can be practised with a focus on different areas of your business. If you want to elevate your business or company to a socially responsible one, you have to understand these forms in which it can be done.

Ethical responsibility

Of course, this should top the list because what is social responsibility without ethics?

Your business and all the workers within the organisation have to be morally upright. Your methods of marketing, selling, dealing with shareholders; and your relationship with customers have to be 100 percent honest.

With ethical responsibility, you will have a good foundation in your quest to be socially responsible.

Environmental responsibility

There is no way you can carry out a business that is aimed at making the world a better place without considering the environment. In fact, it is the best way to take care of our beloved planet in your own little way.

If you want to be socially responsible in business, your environmental responsibility should be seen in the kind of products you use – they should be recyclable in order to reduce pollution and waste.

There are so many ways to be environmentally responsible, you just need to look for the ones that are closely related to your kind of business so you can start practising them.

Economic responsibility

To be economically responsible, all the financial decisions you make must go through all the forms of social responsibility.

Apart from making you spend money on the right things, economic responsibility will help you become more financially savvy. This is because you will have to think twice and consider certain factors before making any financial decision for your business.

Philanthropic responsibility

Some businesses that give to the poor or make weighty donations do it just to portray a good image, but it must be done with heartfelt sincerity. Remember, social responsibility cannot be achieved without ethics.

How to be socially responsible in business

With the forms of social responsibility listed above, you already know how to do business with respect to those major aspects, but here are some of the small, everyday ways that you can practise social responsibility in your business.


Many people think that being socially responsible in business and marketing will reduce profit and delay business success, but honesty has never caused harm to any business.

Contrary to that incorrect assumption, businesses that are socially responsible are easily trusted. They have the most loyal customers and record massive profits.

If you want to want to work with a marketing team who cares about the people and the planet, contact us today!