4 Risks of Not Tracking your Social Media Marketing Strategy Results

Social Media usage only seems to be increasing and with over three billion people using it worldwide it can seem pretty daunting at times. If you aren’t currently tracking or monitoring your social media marketing strategy results here’s 4 reasons why you should start!

Not Truly Understanding What is Working (and what isn’t)

We can sometimes get it into our heads that we know what works for our business but by analysing the data you get the real perspective of what works and what doesn’t. As they say numbers never lie. It’s also far easier now more than ever to track and monitor results – so there’s no excuse not to. It’s also a good idea to get into a routine and track it on a regular basis so you can compare performance.

Not Really Understanding How the General Public sees your Business

This is sort of along the same lines as above – we know working in a business everyday we all become a little blinkered, but Social Media gives you the cold hard truth of how your business is presented to the world. If you are monitoring your presence you are able to ensure it is aligned to your branding a lot easier and quicker.

Allocating Resources Accurately

Why would you want to be putting time, effort and money into something that isn’t working for you? If you can work out what’s not beneficial a lot quicker you can eliminate it from your strategy and focus more resources into what is working for you. With today’s analytics this can be done in almost real-time reducing wasted resources much easier.

Falling Behind Your Competitors

In today’s online climate we can see what our competitors are up to fairly easily, and performing regular competitor analysis’ is incredibly beneficial. You don’t want to be copying your competitor but if you know what they’re up to you can stay ahead of the game and ensure you are providing your customers the best product and/or services possible.

There are countless tools and apps out there today but for some of the best ones and how to use them to help you track your social media marketing strategy find out what Hootsuite recommends as their favourites here.

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