Cat Got Your Tongue: Social Media Ideas for Vets

It can be hard to come up with social media ideas when you’ve got your hands full running a busy vet clinic. If your social media’s looking more like a dog’s breakfast than the cat’s pyjamas, we have compiled some quick pet industry-specific content ideas and tips to get you back on track.

Firstly, Get Personal. Go Heartwarming. Pull on those heart strings. No (sane!) human is immune to cute fluffy animals. Use this to your advantage.

  • Success stories of pets you save. This can be an educational opportunity as well
  • Tear-jerking rescue transformations
  • Share your own pets

Dr Alex Hynes with dog

Insta Stories
Instagram Stories are the perfect sneak peek into your day as a veterinarian. For a great example, follow our amazing client, Bondi Vet Dr Alex Hynes and her work at the Brisbane Animal Emergency Service to see Stories done right.

If you are short on time, test out the best ones on your Facebook. Even a 5-10 second video can leave a big impression, generate engagement and get a surprising amount of organic reach. See our post example below…..

Share-worthy Viral Video Content
For good News Feed ranking include LOTS of original content too however funny and heartwarming pet vids never go unwanted. Video works best but images can work well too. Look for anything with a few hundred million views. This is a no brainer – the proof is in the numbers.

Solve a Problem
Pet owners will LOVE you if you give them answers to common everyday issues. Or pet health, food, dangers, and preventive tips. Use your client visits as an indicator. Do you constantly see dogs rushed in post chocolate binges, or after accidentally swallowing common household items? ‘Dangerous Food for Dogs’ could be a very helpful tip – and maybe save a life. Customise imagery with your logo.

Play ‘Guess the Breed’
Encourage conversation with and between your fan base. If an interesting or super cute or interesting breed visits your clinic, share a pic (approved by pet owner) with your followers and get them to guess the kind.

Know anyone who has a ‘petalike’? Ask your following to submit theirs.

Doppleganger man with dog

Pet Celebrations
Days of the Year is great for reminding you of weird and wacky events you never knew existed like Pet Rock Day…  There are lots of fun, educational and popular ones for (actual) pets like International Cat Day, Homeless Animals Day and Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Don’t forget to #hashtag it.

Facebook post take your dog to work day

Special Offers
Offer time-limited deals e.g. 20% off cat check ups in August for Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day.

Relevant fundraisers, community events or ‘lost and found’ pets are some post ideas to get more involved with and known in your area.

Write helpful articles about pet health, then post links on all of your social media channels, directing people back to your website.

Introduce and celebrate your team as well as the pets! Things like World Veterinary Day and Vet Nurse Day can make great informative posts too, while thanking your team for their hard work.

You are only limited by your creativity (and definitely not pet-related content!)… However if feel time limited too, 4 Drunk Parrots can manage as little or as much as you need so call us for a free chat. We can even compile and pre-schedule your editorial calendar in advance each month so you don’t have to think about a thing! We will start by auditing your existing social and ensure you are utilising the right channels – and to their full potential.