web analytics

Are you a numbers person? Or do they just do your head in.

Analysing your data and web analytics can be dull at times but, put very simply, it is extremely important in finding out what is working for your business and what isn’t. Statistics paint a very clear picture.

Analytics is all about supporting decision making by providing relevant statistics and facts that will allow you to make a better decision and to show business partners, colleagues or whoever exactly why you should be doing what you are doing.

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We Can Make Analytics Fun – Promise!

From tracking your website traffic and engagement, to your social media and paid ads performance it is all so essential in evaluating your return on investment.

We can provide you with comprehensive and regular reporting to outline what campaigns and business activities are working, and what aren’t so you can change tactics much quicker when something obviously isn’t working for you or improve and focus on what is.

Advanced analytics also allow you to find out who your actual target buyers are and ensures you are creating the best possible user experience for that particular persona which in turn should increase your conversions.
If you haven’t already set up Google Analytics or put any other tracking systems in place let us help you, we are sure you will be addicted to seeing your results in real time – in no time.

We also know what analytics tools to use to help you track your website users behaviour in real time to find out what isn’t working to convert your visitors from ‘window shoppers’ to your number one super fans.

Let us help you dive deep and work out how to get to your business working to it’s best potential. Contact the team at 4DP to find out how.