Social media services

So, you need some help with your social media? Well good work on making to the first step and speaking to social media wizards, as we like to call ourselves. Perhaps you’ve spent hours posting cute cat videos on your Facebook page and then coming to the realization that there isn’t any strategy or direction behind what and why you’re posting. Or perhaps you simply just don’t have the time to publish and create a quality and consistent newsfeed. Leave it to us.

Every marketing campaign needs a good strategy behind it and that’s no different for social media. Are you currently considering what time of day you post, how often, why you are sharing what you are sharing, who is reading your content, the colour scheme you are using or the tone and voice you are using. All these elements and more come into play when creating your strategy for social media.  


How We Can Work Together

First Step: Strategy Session

You’re invited to our Head Office in Ballina and Darwin or perhaps a virtual meeting via Zoom is more convenient for you? This is when you’ll meet the team and where we will hold a strategy session to find out how your company goals can be aligned with your social media goals. We’ll discuss your target market and analyse which social channels are the best to reach your right target audiences. We will also discuss how we’re going to speak to them – in what tone or ‘voice’; does your audience read lengthy blogs or do they spend most of their time endlessly scrolling through Instagram? Unique target markets require different styles of writing and lingo, and getting this right can mean the difference between success and failure. We’ll also put this down into a communication strategy so we can make sure everybody in your organisation is aligned to your brand strategy and is speaking in the same lingo!

Social Media and Content Manager

Now enter: 2020, where businesses need to work for their fans and create intriguing and creative content that builds interest and engagement. And this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, quality and consistency to create a newsfeed that is worthy for your fans to tune into. Our content creator team will create a monthly editorial calendar and depending on your target market and promotional focus for the month, will range from images; memes, gifs, video, blogs, poll’s, live-stories and more.

Community Management:

Following your approval, our community manager will schedule your content into your social pages. Then this is when we become your extended community right arm. We’ll make sure every comment, message and review is responded to in a timely matter, let’s say within 24 hours.


Now this is where the magic happens. Behind the scenes, we’ll be conducting research into your target audiences and run test ads until we find the sweet spot and develop an ongoing ad strategy. And once your ads are live, we’ll be there daily monitoring results and making sure your money is spent effectively.

See Facebook and Instagram Advertising for more details about how we can help you through paid advertising.

We totally understand how integral Social Media is in connecting and engaging with your audiences but if you aren’t sharing quality content strategically it can be a waste of your valuable time. So let us work with you to help entertain and engage your fans online.