brand identity services

Brand Identity is the message your client or customer gets from your product, service or image.

Brand is everything today, so this is incredibly important for a business (or person) to get right. As the saying goes – first impressions count and your brand identity is how your prospective clients will perceive you from the very first glimpse.

At 4DP we can help you create a consistent, stand out from the crowd brand identity, and here’s a few ways we do just that.

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Style Guide

What is the name or pantone of the colour in your logo? How do you want your logo to look on a grey background? These and many other questions will be answered when you have a style guide in place. Some people think a style guide is only for huge, well known brands but that’s not true – everyone who has a brand, a logo or the idea of such should have a style guide in place to keep your branding and style consistent wherever it is seen by your potential customers.

Logo Development

We might be a small team but our two graphic designers we have on board know their stuff! We have developed many brands over the years. Some small. Some grew. Either or, it’s a lot of fun to see the creatives spinning ideas, discussing colour psychology or getting totally immersed in the world of fonts. Let us develop your perfect logo!  

Brand refresh

When you have a car, you take it to the garage to get serviced. Your brand could do with the same level of love every now and then. Aesthetics change over time and your brand needs to adapt if you want it to stand out from the crowd. We can help you making subtle changes to your brand without disrupting what you stand for or what you do.

Colour Palettes

If you are active on Instagram, then you know that first impressions count. Your brand is perceived instantly by the images, fonts and colours being used. Make sure you are in the know of which colours suit your brand. If you are not quite sure then we can help you by putting together a colour pallette that you can use to style your social media and collateral (or assets).