Free Resources For Every Marketer

Buyer Persona Toolkit

When creating a marketing strategy for your brand or company it is key to always keep your target audience in mind. To create these personas, we developed a handy guide and a ready-to-use template.

Digital Marketing Toolkit

Our life takes place online. We read the news online, we check the weather on our phone, we order food via an app, we talk to our friends through Facebook. And that’s why your marketing should happen online too.

Channel Integration Tool

We believe in omnichannel marketing. Marketing that doesn’t just reach your customers through the channels individually, but a marketing approach where everything connects and is consistent for the customer.

Strategy Development Toolkit

By developing a strategic plan we align our vision and mission with our ongoing activities, marketing efforts and processes that the organisation goes through. And with this in mind, we create a marketing strategy, a content strategy or an advertisement strategy.

How to Create Customer Journey

As a brand, you want to make sure you reach your customers in the right stages of the buying process.  That’s why it’s a great idea to visualise their buying behaviour along the conversion funnel. This is called a customer/buyer journey, and we have a template ready for you.

How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Say no to push marketing but draw your customers to you with engaging content. We created a toolkit that will help you launch your first Inbound Marketing Campaign – with successful results guaranteed. Jump into the world of Inbound Marketing today.

Traditional Marketing Checklist

In the customer journey, there are various touch points with your brand or product. Although the majority of these probably happen online, we need to consider offline touch points as well. 

Press Release Template

Write engaging press releases to get maximum coverage – whether you’re looking to get your product known in your local area or nationwide. Writing a press release takes a few simple steps – and we can show you what they are.


One cannot simply market to everyone! You need to get into your customer’s heads to deliver marketing that works. Sounds complicated? Download this free toolkit and learn how to build personas.

Review Tracker

With the rise of social media, websites, forums and other platforms, customers have the ability to leave reviews in all kinds of ways. So it might be a good idea to keep all your reviews in one place – in our Review Tracker for example.

Complaints Tracker

Dealing with reviews coming in through multiple inboxes can be a tough obstacle to tackle. By keeping an overview in the Complaints Tracker we developed, we give you a handy guide on how to process and deal with complaints.

KPI Tracker

Our strategy is something we developed in an earlier stage of our organisation. But along the way we can check-in to see if we’re still following up on it. Make sure you track your KPIs to see how you’re doing and what to change.