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Case Study – Nonprofit Marketing Ideas

Who is Synergy Group?

Synergy Group, a part of Challenge Tweed Inc, is a community based supported employment organisation that has been in operation since 1969 (they are celebrating 50 years jubilee this year!). As a not for profit Australian Disability Enterprise, Synergy Group is dedicated to providing meaningful employment to those living with permanent disabilities. We love providing nonprofit marketing ideas for organisations like Synergy Group as they align perfectly with our values and core beliefs. 


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Services Provided

The priority reason Synergy Group approached Four Drunk Parrots for marketing services was to design and build a user friendly website which entails many other elements including: 

– Website Development
– Copy writing
– Google Ads Grant
– Photography (with two in house photo shoots)

  • Website Development
  • Copy-writing
  • Google Ads Grant
  • Photography

The Outcome & Findings

We developed a functional website from scratch that fulfils multiple purposes and speaks to multiple target audiences of Synergy Group. Their primary audience are people with disabilities (and their carers) who are looking to work in their food processing and packaging department in Tweed Heads at the southern end of the Gold Coast.

Another target audience are the food companies on the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales (from Southport, QLD to Ballina, NSW) who are looking for a food processing plant and / or help with packaging or labelling their goods. The website is designed to provide insights and useful information as well as be easy to use and make enquiries.

The other main audience is volunteers. Synergy Group is also always looking for volunteers so we developed information and enquiry forms to service them as well.

Ease of use and clear information was our main priority, and the General Manager requested the website be advertised in a way that people with disabilities as well as their parents who are often the decision makers understand this incredibly valuable opportunity. 4DP set the website up from scratch on their own server, developed all copy and design in collaboration with Synergy Group.

Google Grants for Non Profit Organisations 

Google offers Google Grants to non profit organisations of up to USD $10,000 per month for Google Search campaigns, which are incredibly beneficial and useful for Not for profits – we know you can do with all the extra help in the funding arena. 

Google Search campaigns are incredibly useful and get your non profit in the search results when people already looking for your services are looking you up even when they don’t know you. 

This equates to nearly AUD$12k per month. Enquire with us now if you want 4DP to set this up for your organisation, too! Or find out if you are eligible here.

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