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Case Study – Website Refresh with SEO Top of Mind

Who are QC Accountants?

As an inbound marketing agency, one of our niches includes marketing for accounting firms. And, QC Accountants on the Gold Coast are one of our clients in the Accounting industry.

Here at 4DP, we can really get behind a company like QC Accountants. As they strive to provide innovative, personalised and convenient bookkeeping and accounting for small businesses, sole traders and individuals. They pride themselves on quality and meticulous care for all their clients. Transparent and upfront pricing with no hidden surprises, and open and frank conversations and advice. 


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Why choose
qc accountants?

As a client of QC Accountants we can definitely vouch for their services. They provide efficient and transparent information when we need it and we wouldn’t recommend anyone if we didn’t believe in their services. We’ve seen firsthand how much QC Accountants also believe in supporting small businesses and start-ups and we definitely can get aligned with that type of passion and business mindset.

How Did 4DP Help?

QC Accountants weren’t ready to invest in a brand new website as they already had a functioning website they had invested time and money into, so to keep costs down they decided to refresh their existing website to make it feel more current with search rankings top of mind.

To begin with we held a marketing strategy meeting to ensure we were using consistent language and on the same page with the message they wanted to portray.

To help them with this, we then refreshed their images and brought a consistent look to each of their webpages. Search engines like a decent amount of text on each page to show the sites they are suggesting are legitimate, so after researching what search terms or keywords people are using on the Gold Coast to find Small Business Accountants we added to their current content including these particular search terms while promoting their business values and ethos. Algorithms are also getting smarter and don’t like ‘keyword stuffing’ so we always write with the person on the other side of the screen in mind.

They also have a great online booking feature but it wasn’t obvious throughout the website. By adding this to the main header and to each of the Services webpages it becomes more visible to the user so in turn they will be more likely to use the booking function. Ensuring your contact points are as obvious as possible on your site makes it easier for your customer to touch base with you – which is what you want. To do this we ensured there was a ‘Call to Action’ or CTA and their contact methods easily visible onto each of the services pages. This all sounds obvious but sometimes when you are working on your business you miss these things and a third party can point these out easily.

We also refreshed their blog page and contact us page with more current functionality. And also added to their about us page to show the people behind the brand and to build trust – when you can see the real people behind the business customers tend to feel more assured when they can see the people they will be working with.

The Takeaway

Deciding whether to keep your existing website or move to a brand new one can be a difficult decision. And, we understand the costs and time that can be involved in building a website.
Which is why we would really recommend weighing up the costs and time involved in building a brand new website. Go back to basics and create a pro’s and con’s list.

  • Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Web Development

Below are some of the things we would recommend taking

into account if you are in QC Accountants position.

Mobile Friendly 
Today it is essential for your clients or customers to find you on their phone!

Design / Consistency 
Websites not only need to look modern but is your brand consistent?

Website Speed
Is your website is taking too long to load?

There are so many new integrations and plugins on the market which aren’t compatible with older sites or certain platforms so this is really important to consider.

SEO Ranking 
The number of people now using Google to find a product or service is incredible. If you aren’t ranking well in SEO you could be missing out on many potential clients.

Conversion Rates
What are your website conversion rates like? How many email contacts do you receive monthly? How many phone calls come via your website?

If you are looking for web design on the Gold Coast to Ballina or from a brand new site to SEO optimised content creation, we can work together to create a plan best suited to your budget and business. 

To find out more about our web design services visit this page. Or contact us today to chat! 

Or if you are specifically looking for marketing for accounting firms find out how we can help you here.

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