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Case Study – Branding & eCommerce

Who is Naked Recovery?

Naked Recovery is a brand new product who came to Four Drunk Parrots because they required an eCommerce marketing strategy which included branding and a stylish, user friendly eCommerce website.

Naked Recovery is a new solution specifically made for marathon runners by people who understand how long distance running really affects the body. We love that it is made using the native Australian plant Kunzea, and then blended using only premium grade magnesium flakes. And of course that it is specifically created with marathon runners in mind – giving us a very targeted audience!


If you’re into marathons why don’t you give Naked Recovery a try?

Services Provided

Logo & Branding

Creating a logo and branding for a product like this is really fun for us – yes we are happy to admit it we’re marketing nerds! After learning about the product we then created several logo mock-ups which we presented to the client and then narrowed it down to simple and bold, black and white style. Once this was confirmed we created a style guide to ensure their branding will be consistent moving forward. Style Guides are extremely important and allow a brand to become recognisable and familiar while also portraying their personality. If you can get this right early on in the process it makes it that much easier down the track to create copy for your website, taglines for different product lines and so much more.

  • Logo
  • Style Guide
  • Copy-writing
  • eCommerce Web Development

eCommerce Website

Once we had the eCommerce marketing strategy defined it made the website process that much easier as well, now we knew the tone for the copy, the colour scheme and the style that we needed to present to the online world.

But the single most important aspect of a new website, and especially for an eCommerce website, is the usability (or UX). For Naked Recovery we wanted it to be as simple as possible for someone to purchase their product and to understand it’s benefits straight away. Therefore, we hard-coded a one-step checkout – couldn’t be more user friendly than this!  And we also wrote some punchy content to make the site fun to use within their branding guidelines.

The Takeaway

Having a product with a clear target audience and style in mind makes the entire process easier from the very beginning. To get clear on what it is you are selling and who your customer is allows you to create a product to fit their needs. So getting clear on who you are and what you stand for makes way for clear communications from the outset. 

If you want to define your target audience you might find this ‘How to create buyer persona’s template’ useful. Or if you want to get aligned with your own brand or discuss the perfect website marketing strategy for you get in touch to discuss your options today.

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