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Who are Laneway Education?

Laneway Education is a Hubspot marketing client of 4DP who required help with the launch of a new online course. 4DP helped with their strategy and offered consulting as Laneway was pretty new to Hubspot, and everyone who uses Hubspot themselves knows, it’s a steep learning curve.

At Laneway, they strive to empower students to think like entrepreneurs and innovators. Their methodology combines project-based learning, design thinking and networking. This has allowed them to create one of a kind courses that focus on real world outcomes, business innovation and industry engagement. Classes and workshops are led by entrepreneurs, business coaches, experienced technical experts and start-up founders; who all share their wealth of knowledge and experience.

We love their mission, to disrupt education because they know there’s a better way. They state they’ve thrown out the old classroom rules and empower students to engage in real-world problems and opportunities in a creative way. Amazing!


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how did 4dp get invovled?

To help them launch their new course we implemented an email automation lead nurturing sequence which is triggered after someone downloads a course prospectus on a custom designed landing page. See an example of one of the landing pages and an email potential customers receive. This shows the type of designs you can create with Hubspot.   

Why Choose Hubspot Marketing?

Hubspot marketing believe businesses can grow with a conscience, and succeed with a soul — and that we can all do it with inbound marketing. That’s why they created Hubspot bringing together software, education, and community to help us businesses grow every day. It really is a life-changing way of marketing and we couldn’t sing its praises enough. 

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