The Clubhouse lismore 

Case Study – Nonprofit Marketing Strategy


The Clubhouse is an amazing initiative for young people run by one of our clients Social Futures (SF). It is part of an International network of almost 100 Clubhouses in 19 countries worldwide, and the Lismore based Clubhouse is the ONLY Clubhouse in regional Australia and one of only four in Australia. And we needed to tell everyone about it via a well planned nonprofit marketing strategy.

The Clubhouse provides a free safe and creative after school space for young people, where mentors help them to develop skills and build confidence through the use of technology. It also encourages young people to think more positively and ambitiously about their futures with a focus on the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Music).

the main findings

The Challenge they faced was to recruit new volunteers to help mentor young people, and to raise awareness of their services within the local Lismore area and to also encourage young people to utilise their fantastic services.


To help overcome this we created a targeted social media marketing strategy similar to one of SF’s other services Choices Sexual Health clinic, using both paid ads and organic content aimed towards their target audiences to meet the specific KPIs.


Goal Setting 

It’s so important to set clear goals or KPI’s at the beginning of any marketing campaign. Once you have these set out it makes it that much easier to work out the plan on how to get there. It’s also extremely helpful to get everyone on board at the beginning as to what these are to utilise resources – especially with small budgets.


Creating Content for Your Audience

Most businesses don’t have just one target audience – though it would make things simpler! With the Clubhouse they have three quite different audiences who respond to different content. Parents, Mentors and young people using the services. We used this as a base for the type of content we wanted to share and then rotated it ensuring we could capture our audiences organically on Facebook and Instagram as well as via paid ads. 


Check out “How to create a buyer persona template” here
to work out who your target audiences are. 


Boosting Posts to get More Engagement

If you have a Facebook page, you’ve probably noticed that your posts don’t seem to reach as many of your followers anymore. If you share something on your Facebook page, only 1-5 % of the people who liked your page will see your update unless you pay for an ad or a boosted post. For the Clubhouse because we were also aiming to raise awareness, so we allocated budget towards boosting organic posts to their targeted audience sharing information about their services or promoting the need for volunteers. This helps your engagement ratings as well as gets your services or products in front of the right audience.

Above are examples of Instagram Posts for the Clubhouse. Using a theme is a quick and easy way to make your Instagram look beautifully styled. 



Ensuring you have a well thought out social media marketing strategy
(or any marketing plan really) to begin with starts you off on the right track and also ensures everyone in your team is on the same page. We created a very detailed strategy for the Clubhouse including budgets, KPI’s, target audiences and content which made the implementation stage more streamlined and effective. Though be aware the no plan ever goes 100% to plan and you have to be adaptable and make changes where needed – and that’s ok! 


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