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We keep saying it but strategies and planning are the bones behind all marketing activities. If you have a good plan, or in this case digital marketing strategy, in place you are going to find the implementation process a lot more streamlined. 4DP consider ourselves a content marketing agency specialist and we recently created and implemented a digital marketing strategy for Choices Health Clinic.

Who are Choices?

Social Futures is a not for profit organisation which provides mostly free services to the local community in the Northern Rivers. One of the services they provide is reproductive and sexual health clinic, Choices. Based in Lismore they provide free health services to the community.

What did 4dp Provide?

Together with Social Futures we created a targeted strategy aimed towards their audiences to meet specific KPIs, the primary goal included increasing cervical screening appointments, and our secondary goals included raising the clinic brand awareness in the area and the awareness of products they sell – if you haven’t heard of mooncups ladies you might want to that and check them out. We also wanted to communicate the health clinic as a safe and inclusive space where everyone is encouraged to visit and use their services. 

We did this via a well planned social media content strategy, community engagement strategy, topped up with Facebook advertising. Sexual health is a sensitive subject to talk about but once we worked out the message they wanted to portray it made it easy. They wanted to take the stigma and shame out of having regular checkups and sexual health by utilising fun and engaging content. 

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Digital Marketing Strategy Takeaway

No one digital strategy should be the same. Every audience is different, every message is different and even each campaign is different – as you learn along the way. Here are some of the most important aspects of a digital strategy we think you should be prioritising and what was confirmed for us during the Choices campaigns.

Create Engaging & Interesting Digital Marketing Content

Start by writing a content marketing strategy for your audience. It seems fairly obvious but so many brands and businesses put content out for the sake of it. For Choices nailing the top subjects we wanted to promote first and then working out who our audience was, mostly female 16 – 45 in the Lismore/Kyogle area, you will have a great base to start with. Another great tip when coming up with engaging content is to see what is currently trending in your industry, take a sneak peak at a few competitors and resharing information is ok – just give them the credit. But the best advice we could give is don’t think too much – people can feel it when they are being sold to or if what you are putting out there isn’t genuine. 

Engage the Right Audience

We mentioned it above but nailing who your audience is means you really know who you are ‘talking’ to and what content they might be interested in, and that you aren’t just being sent out into the abyss of the world wide web. Facebook advertising really allows you to do this and ensures you are getting your content in front of the right people in the right locations, who are interested in your content. 

The main target audience’s we wanted to get the attention of for Choices included teenagers and under 25’s, LGBTQI people, Aboriginal Women in a 30 miles radius around Lismore. As you can tell each audience is quite different and each have different pain points or problems to solve. For example, young people are more inclined to have a need for sexual health advice and checkups, so by using text explaining how Choices can provide this service and by using images of people similar to them we are more likely to peak their interest.   

You can try our Persona Buyer Template to help you work out who your target audiences are here.

Track your Digital Strategy Marketing Results 

This is so important – if you don’t know what is working how do you know what to put more resources towards (and vice versa). Digital has allowed us huge insights into extremely detailed analytics nowadays and you can see almost instantly what is working and what isn’t. But we had to learn to give our campaigns some time to build momentum before dismissing something that wasn’t working right away. 

We have a great toolkit you can download for free that has all the metrics you need to know about when running a campaign. 

A great bit of advice would also be to start off how you intend to proceed. Work out exactly what your goals are so you can track those specific goals accurately from the get go. This also makes it easier for your web developer or ads guru to know what metrics should have the most value put on them.  

So to finish off, the most important takeaway we came away with after this campaign is to start off with an extremely well planned out strategy that everyone is onboard with at the beginning – include as much detail as you can but then don’t be too scared to make changes or amendments along the way once you see what works in real life – as they say even the best thought out strategies never go 100 % to plan. Once you start implementing your strategy you are bound to see some things that just won’t work practically and need a few tweaks here and there. 

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