Four Drunk Parrots is in full flight. The start of 2019 has taken us from too-full-to-move Christmas excess, New Year festivities, to quarter one launch – ALL SYSTEMS GO!

Of course, this bustle of activity does not happen overnight, it took months of research, analysis and planning to develop the visual creatives together, creating the copy written for getting our message across to our chosen audience.

We had to select the best platform for the message to be distributed from, so our audience is open to receive the message. We needed to motivate our audience to engage with us by setting up teasers and a clear call-to-action for them to react on. We need to create a campaign with a clear, concise message implemented in a measurable way. This is marketing done right  – and we used our own “Killer Marketing Strategy” as a template.

Is your business any different? Are you being overcome with day-to-day activities that are absorbing all your energy and time?

Most business owners worry about everyday practicalities like cash flow and employees performance and tend to be absorbed in ensuring quality control across their businesses. It is a given that they will be busy and mostly unavailable to talk to on any topic relating to marketing. Marketing often needs direction from an outside perspective because internal THINKING often is a killer for any brand.

Getting outside input can ensure that a marketing campaign is critically reviewed by someone who has experience. The results to be assessed without prejudice and bringing fresh eyes to the campaign. Imagine not having to keep up with the most recent marketing trends which could free up time and add valuable hours to each month and business success.

Are you failing to keep motivated when it comes to marketing or are you losing direction because too much is going on? If so, think about what you can do to control the situation, and stretch yourself and your brand in new directions, maybe to new markets to keep your brand ongoing and growing.

4dp.com.au helps small businesses grow.

By establishing what your company needs to achieve its goals and giving small businesses a professional marketing manager capable of making a difference to your business, Four Drunk Parrots has experience with many successful campaigns – read about what our clients have to say about us here.

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