LinkedIn’s Latest Feature: LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn has announced it’s to follow in the footsteps of the platform’s counterparts with the introduction of their latest feature – LinkedIn stories.

If you are familiar with Instagram/ Facebook and Snapchat, LinkedIn stories will work the exact same way with users able to record 20-second content, take photos, and upload images. The feature also comes with the option to personalise content with text and stickers.

The stories are available to your LinkedIn connections and followers for 24 hours. Australia’s LinkedIn spokesperson Matt Tindale has commented: “The launch will give professionals a more creative way of sharing content with their network”.

LinkedIn Stories

Content Use

LinkedIn has created this feature as a new means for professionals to convey their successes, communicate their professional moments, share productivity tips, networking events and so much more. Anything you would share on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat is now possible to share on LinkedIn.

In saying that, discretion is key – LinkedIn is still your professional go to and may not be the most appropriate platform to pop your Saturday night moves on after your fourth glass of wine.

LinkedIn suggests maintaining your professional exterior whilst letting the personality of your organisation shine through. To stay relevant on the latest feature, Tindale suggests brands/organisations “should be authentic, creative and talk about the things that are important to them with purposeful posting and a behind-the-scenes glimpse likely to provide high engagement with viewers”.

How we present ourselves

Tips & Tricks

Here are some quick content tips from us at Four Drunk Parrots:

  • Sneak Peeks – Try and show some content of your production/office
  • Productivity tips
  • A day in the life of (choose a staff member to feature each week)
  • Life and work balance tips
  • Events/ networking
  • Takeovers from a key player in your field
  • Industry news and trends
  • Relevant work tips

The feature is created for members and organizations to share images and short videos of their most professional moments and an individual profile/ admin of the LinkedIn Page can create the story through the mobile app. You can also see who has viewed your story and delete the story from your feed if you feel the need to.

Australia will be the first market in Asia Pacific to experience the feature after it has already been tested in Brazil, the UAE and the Netherlands.

Content On The Rise

There has been a massive rise in LinkedIn users with the current pandemic and this adds just another connective element to the platform. With LinkedIn seeing 350 billion feed views last year it’s a natural progression for the platform and Tindale “anticipates a lot of demand for stories and we’ve (LinkedIn) has already seen it be very successful in other markets.”

Not Another One

Whilst you may be sighing inwardly that there is just another feature to incorporate into your organisation/ brand’s editorial calendar this feature is likely to help you with not only engagement levels in your professional content but is a new tool to amp up the networking game.

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