4DP provides opportunities for students and young professionals looking for internship experience in the competitive career fields of marketing, public relations, sales marketing, and advertising.

A marketing internship experience can have a lot of different tasks including writing press releases, conducting marketing research, interacting with current and prospective clients, SEO, advertising, along with many other exciting assignments.

On 24th of February 2020, 4DP will move premises to a new office in Ballina CBD. We are looking for 2 PR interns who are interested to help promote the move, help with the logistics of a launch event, including an in-house seminar for prospects and key clients.

Your Role
We are looking for 2 interns to work as a tandem team up to 18 hours per week over 4 weeks.
The ideal candidate is a proactive self-starter with strong written and verbal communication skills as well as a strong working knowledge of social/digital media tools and technologies. This individual will be responsible for learning and helping with the 4DP’s PR team’s daily job functions, including media monitoring and tracking, internal communications, photography and event support. They will also serve as a communications resource for prospects and key clients attending the office launch event.

What You Will Do During This Internship

  • Work directly with 4DP PR Manager, Specialist and Coordinator on everyday communications and documentation priorities
  • Coordinate, manage and upload all media clippings to the firm’s intranet pages
  • Write, edit and proofread materials ensuring quality and consistency with appropriate writing styles
  • Assist in the development and social media strategy related to office/firm-wide campaigns or relevant trends
  • Assist with the planning and execution of office event and social media photos or videos
  • Coordinate with thought-leaders on various PR communications assignments or needs

What you bring to the role..

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite, Google Suite
  • A positive attitude and willingness to work with the team to achieve departmental goals
  • Strong organisational skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to show initiative, multi-task, prioritise and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Collaborate with team members on new projects and ideas
  • Ability to handle and prioritise simultaneous projects and meet deadlines
  • Self-motivated and resourceful, with the ability to work with minimal supervision and exercise independent judgment

(Preferred Qualifications)

  • Interest in the world of Inbound Marketing, PR and Advertising
  • Understanding of extracting USP for any promotable and creative execution of campaign
  • Previous experience in Public Relations preferred

Additional Information

Internship Eligibility:

  • All students must possess unrestricted work authorisation
  • All students must be at least 18 years old
  • At the time of application, must be enrolled in an accredited college/university taking at least one class in the semester/quarter (spring/fall) prior to participation in the internship program OR must have graduated from a college/university within 6 months OR currently participating in a Disney College Program or Disney Professional Internship
  • All candidates must be able to have a consistent, reliable work schedule throughout the session.
  • All candidates must provide their own housing and transportation for the duration of the internship.

Program Dates:

  • All candidates must be willing to work up to 18 hours/week

2 Martin St, Ballina, bottom of the Ramada Hotel

How to Apply
Submit online application including a resume, cover letter, and portfolio in PDF form . If you choose to submit a link to an online portfolio, you must make sure it is not password protected and that it contains a resume, cover letter and work samples.


The goal of the internship is to get a good insight into the variety of work within an agency. Over the coming 4 weeks, you will be working across multiple disciplines with a variety of tools to experience the life of a real Inbound Marketer.

Over the course of the next 4 weeks, you will learn how to create a value-add offer and promote it with inbound marketing techniques. We will teach you how to build a funnel, drive traffic to your offer and push prospects through the sales pipeline to conversion. You will be focusing on social media, email marketing and PR to drive interests and traffic to the offer. Further, you will be exposed to a variety of technical tools and platforms, such as WordPress, Active Campaigns, Hubspot, SEMRush, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook ads, to name just a few.

Week 1 – The World of Social Media

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn & Slideshare
  4. Pinterest
  5. Goal Tracking

Tools: Hootsuite, Canva, Facebook Business Manager
Creative: Photography, Image Search, Meme Search
Graphics: Facebook cover image, Pinterest board images, LinkedIn cover image, 1 Slideshare
Copywriting: Editorial calendar for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
Tactics: Campaign planning, Scheduling, Community Management, Social Ads
Supporting Coursework: HubSpot Social Media Certification & Facebook Blueprint Certification

Week 2 – Email Marketing & Automation

  1. Active Campaigns
  2. 4DP Newsletter
  3. Event Runsheet Template or HubSpot Landing Page Funnel Set-Up in Active Campaigns
  4. Google Analytics Goal Tracking
  5. Facebook Ads to a new resource

Tools: Active Campaigns, Canva, Facebook Business Manager
Creative: Photography, Image Search, Gif Search
Graphics: Graphic to match the new resource
Copywriting: Newsletter copy, email copy
Tactics: Campaign planning, Automated Email Follow-Up, Facebook Ads
Supporting Coursework: Active Campaigns Orientation & Google Analytics Goal Tracking

Week 3 – PR

  1. PR
  2. Savvy SME
  3. Local Media
  4. Google My Business
  5. Blogging (3x)
  6. Goal Tracking

Tools: Savvy SME, Google My Business, WordPress, SEM Rush
Creative: Photography, Image Search, Gif Search
Graphics: Graphics for the blog posts
Copywriting: Press release, media pitches, community management, blogging
Tactics: PR Outreach, SEO, Blogging
Supporting Coursework: PR & PR resources
SEM Rush tutorial & SEM Rush guide

Week 4 – Marketing Planning

  1. Marketing Plan
  2. Small eBook
  3. Active Campaign Funnel
  4. Social Media Posts
  5. Social Ads
  6. Supporting blog
  7. PR Outreach
  8. Goal Tracking
  9. How-to-article on what you have done

Creative: Photography, Image Search, Gif Search
Graphics: Graphics for the blog posts & Ads & eBook
Copywriting: Media pitches, eBook, social posts, ads, blog
Tactics: PR Outreach, SEO, Blogging
Assignment: Documentation of what you have learned and how to put a marketing plan together step-by-step to be published on our blog

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