The 4DP Internship – Meet Breanna & Carolina

Did you know that Four Drunk Parrots is offering an internship? Past six weeks, our team at Four Drunk Parrots has had the opportunity to work with Breanna and Carolina. Two young, aspiring marketers that were keen to roll up their sleeves and jump straight into the waters of digital marketing.

In our new interview, learn more about the girls and their fantastic work at 4DP.

Intern Breanna Yannis:

Four Drunk Parrots was the first Marketing related internship that I had ever done. At first, I was nervous for what was to come, but as Sonja and the team started teaching me through each of the steps of the internship curriculum, I was always very excited for what was to come next!

Why did I choose to do an Internship at Four Drunk Parrots?

Coming up to my final semester of my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Human Resources, I decided I would love to gain some work experience prior to completing my studies. I knew I needed to better educate myself on all of the different marketing tools and platforms that were out there. I believe that social media is crucial to future marketing in communicating and engaging with audiences. (You also can’t get past the lovely location on the water!!!)

What did I learn during my Internship?

I thought I was already social media savvy, however Sonja and her team totally proved me wrong! There was still so much to learn for me; so many strategies, skills and tools. Within the first week, we focused on learning about social media as a whole. We were given our project plan, and were very quickly put to work. We created proposals for social media posts using Canva, learnt how to copy write, and how to create email templates on Active Campaign and Mailchimp. In addition to this, we learnt many marketing tools I didn’t even know existed. Ben taught us about creating Wireframes for designing the website, data entry and more. Not only did I learn marketing skills, but I learnt how to time manage and work under pressure when needed. We worked on Asana for project and task management and learnt how to use Facebook Business Manager to schedule posts on Facebook.

What did I love?

The team! The team were great, very friendly and really know what they’re doing. Specifically, I loved using Canva and creating new designs for different posts and emails. We were able to create many promotional posters for the Women-Led Business Directory we were creating and were even able to post a newsletter via email using Active Campaign. Learning and working with WordPress was also a highlight, as many businesses use this nowadays.

Would you recommend people to undertake an Internship at Four Drunk Parrots?
If you are considering an internship with Four Drunk Parrots, I would highly recommend it! They are a very friendly team, always willing to help and give you more insights if you are in need of ideas. The set tasks really throw you in the deep end, but this is essentially the best way to learn! Especially when there are lots of interesting Marketing tools and to be learnt. I always felt very included within the team and will be forever grateful for the opportunity!

Intern Carolina Marinoff:

As a graduate in Business Administration and Management with more than 3 years of work experience, I have learned the importance and relevance of marketing within every business that exists. Having had the opportunity to do this overseas internship in Australia from Chile, has taught me many tools that I will be able to use in my future career.

My experience during the Four Drunk Parrots Internship.

During the last 6 weeks, the other intern, Breanna and I worked on a pioneering project that the company undertook, a Women-Led Business Directory. This project involved supporting businesses led by women within the national territory.
4DP is an aspiring BCorp, and one of their purposes is “accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy”. Being a part of this project made me think about the importance and impact of these thousands of companies led by women.

An important task that we had to do was to work on data, whilst empathising with the women who filled out a Google form previously made, then making a better-suited one. The key goal of this part was testing and making it friendly for our users.

Further, we learned all about designing a website wireframe to contain all the Women-Led Business Directory information we had. We did extensive research and used tools like Canva to prototype our designs for social media and the mock-up for the upcoming website.

With this in place, we sought to reach more women in business and immersed ourselves in The World of Social Media. We create an eye-catching image with Canva (definitely one of my favourite parts), designed the appropriate copy to engage our target audience, and used Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn tools like Facebook for Business to schedule our posts at the right times to reach our ambitious goal.

We then began to work towards the promotion of this project. We worked with Active Campaign, a tool that allowed us to design a newsletter in an easy and fast way in which we were informed about the company’s news. This tool gave us insights into the reaction of our subscribers and thus be able to analyse the result of our Email Marketing. Along with this, we used MailChimp, to be able to send the massive campaign to all the women who were already part of the project and we were able to evaluate the results.

We were able to publish the webpage that we design using WordPress, in which you could now find hundreds of Women-Led Businesses within Australia within different categories and with different and interesting products and services.

This was definitely a great experience that taught me very useful tools, platforms, strategies, ways of thinking and getting into a project, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who was considering it.

If you are also keen to look into an internship with Four Drunk Parrots, just drop us a line below or call our office 02 6686 0117. We can work around your schedule and support you every step of the learning curve.