Instagram Getting A Donation Sticker – NFP’s Celebrate!

Early in 2019 Facebook, who is the parent company of Instagram, announced that it would be introducing a donation sticker to Instagram Stories. Stories is a feature that allows Instagram users to post content to their followers for 24 hours. Before it disappears. This popular feature already has the swipe up functionality in place. And it won’t be long before Instagram gets beyond the early stages of developing the tool. Of course, with the hopes to introduce it in coming months.

This new tool will allow charities and supporter to include a donate button in their posts. So when followers click on it they will be directed to the charity’s donation form. How amazing is that?!

“Instagram is all about bringing you closer to the people and things you love. And a big part of that is showing support for and bringing awareness to meaningful communities and causes.” an Instagram spokesperson told Pro Bono News.

“Later this year, people will be able to raise money and help support not for profits that are important to them through a donation sticker in Instagram Stories. We will share more updates on this feature in the coming months.”



The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that Facebook will cover the credit card processing fees and costs of operating the tool so that 100 percent of donations go directly to the charities themselves.

Last year Facebook revealed that more than $1 billion has been raised for NFPs through Charitable Giving on Facebook. Instagram is viewing the donation sticker tool as an enhancement to their user experience. (Delete – and) is promoting it as a tool for NFP’s and are encouraging NFPs to test it out to see whether it works for their organisation and want to be early adopters.

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