How to get online reviews for your accounting firm

As an accountant we know you like numbers, so we’ve found some numbers that prove without a doubt: online reviews are important for your business.

  • A positive review makes 73% of consumers trust a business more
  • 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • Responding to reviews is important, with 30% naming this as key when judging a local business
  • 80% of consumers have written online reviews for a local business
  • 89% of prospective customers read the business owner’s response to online reviews


Now that we have convinced you that you need reviews, what’s the best way to go about getting them. Well, it might sound overly simple, but “just ask”. But keep in mind that not everyone you’ve done business with will give you a great review. So be selective about who you ask. And also understand that you’re also asking that person to publically put their own reputation on the line be recommending you.


Time your request
Once you’ve decided to ask, pick your timing. Wait until the transaction has been completed and all the loose ends have been tied up. But don’t leave it too long, because you want the experience to still be fresh in your reviewer’s mind.

Which Platform
While getting a “Star Rating” on your Google Business will assist with your ranking, and will often be the first list of reviews – along with Facebook and LinkeIn – people will see when searching for your business, it’s not the only location they can leave a comment. There are a few additional places, such as Yelp and True Local, where reviews can be left even if you don’t have a page or account for your business. Be sure to claim your business on these platforms to enable yourself the ability to respond to any received reviews.


Make it easy
Be specific about what you’re asking. Simply asking for a review isn’t enough, but if you send an email with a link to your Google Business page, or specifically request a Facebook review, you’ll make the whole process much easier for your client. And don’t get discouraged if your client doesn’t respond, they get busy too – just politely ask again.

Let your clients know how much you appreciate their review by responding quickly, publicly, and with more than just a “thanks”. And don’t forget to respond to those bad ones. How you react is equally if not more important than the initial bad review.


Walk the Walk
In the end, a client will only provide you with a good review if you provide exceptional service. When your client sees that you really care, they’ll be more willing to share and help you, in turn, impress others.

There is a lot of competition out there. Probably even in your own suburb. Make sure your accounting firm is standing out in the crowd with fabulous online reviews across social, Google, True Local, etc. If you don’t know how to encourage your customers to leave reviews, speak to us.

If you need help with your strategy give us a call today!