How Hubspot Inbound Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow


Recently I was told that the biggest window to your business is your website and in 2019 this is certainly true. If you are not on the digital landscape you can be sure your competitors are, and you might be missing out on a huge opportunity. Just google them! 


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The cornerstone for an Inbound Marketing Strategy to be successful is to provide the person with enough information at the right time for them to want to find out more or to take an action you offer. By providing contact with context your business will be in front of the right pair of eyes at the right time, and Hubspot Inbound Marketing can help you do this.

4dp Inbound Marketing Hubspot

Hubspot marketing automation is a powerful automation platform which allows you to keep control of your marketing campaigns. These can include a form on your website that drives traffic to your sales team, or an interesting article for someone who wants to find out more about the product or services you supply. Hubspot can also email an existing contact a newsletter with service or product updates, or a request for a review or testimonials. You can also create landing pages with call to actions like – ‘Book an Appointment’ or ‘Download a Brochure’.

Your business can grow with Hubspot Inbound Marketing by keeping all your leads and contacts in one place, by being able to segment them and ensure they receive the information they need in the format that suits them. Hubspot allows you to personalise their contact with you. Everyone likes to feel appreciated as an individual and with so-called smart content, we can establish who has seen which piece of content already, then customise the next piece of content the person will see.

Segmented marketing campaigns perform 14.31% better than those which are not segmented.

Hubspot can manage your social channels and help you grow your audience. It can also set up automation’s called workflows to funnel your contacts from one activity to another based on their behaviour. This automation will save you time and free up staff to focus on what is most important – your customers

Hubspot allows for the building of long-term relationships, since it’s based on the continuous delivery of information and can be analysed and measured. This allows companies to build trust with potential clients until they are ready to make the leap and buy the product or service

In Review

  • Inbound Marketing creates awareness and generates leads by attracting users to a website by providing valuable content and in return capturing their contact information. It can also do this based on the stage the potential customer is in their sales life cycle making it as relevant as possible. Hubspot follows the methodology of attract, convert, close and delight.
  • Inbound Marketing is a commitment – to your business and to your customers. You are creating content that people love to consume, that helps them find the right solutions, products or services they are looking for without being too salesy.

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