How does Inbound Marketing Work

Inbound marketing works by attracting the right type of audience to your business, these are the people who will be the most likely to buy what you are selling.

The first step is to identify who your audience is and then once you know who your buyer personas are, you can easily work out the best way to target them through inbound marketing strategies. These include content marketing, social media marketing, and targeted keyword strategy.

You can find out more about Buyer Persona’s here:

We totally stand behind Inbound Marketing. And, here are just three reasons Inbound Marketing is beneficial to any business:

Inbound Marketing is Cost-Effective! 

Rather than blasting out your message to places where you think your audience ‘is’, your audience comes to you, you learn who your audience is, and then you are able to serve them better and more effectively. Wasting less time and money.

It makes sense that it’s a lot easier to gain leads from people who are interested in what you have to offer as opposed to those who aren’t interested in. And, it’s no wonder why inbound in contrast to outbound marketing delivers 54% more leads (via Hubspot).

Inbound Marketing Improves Customer Relations

Inbound marketing involves providing valuable content to your potential customers to gain more insight into them and to provide value to them. Making them more satisfied with your product or service. Offering customer-focussed content and service will eventually build brand credibility through perceived expertise that will create brand loyalty and trust.

You See Your Results with Visible ROI and Metrics

Inbound Marketing provides your company with a more transparent method of measuring your marketing successes. A transparent and measurable marketing campaign also allows you to see where areas of improvement are and ensure you are running cost-effective marketing campaigns.

4DP is a certified Hubspot marketing agency, who in our opinion are the experts in Inbound Marketing. If we haven’t convinced you yet – Hubspot lists so many more reasons why Inbound is so much more effective than outbound marketing on their site here.

Inbound Marketing – it’s not just another buzzword or an alternative to what you are doing with your marketing right now. It’s essential in today’s busy market. Which is why we have put together this toolkit for you to enable you to get your first Inbound Campaign off the ground.

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