How Contextual Marketing Can Get You Your Heart’s Desire?

Have you ever heard of contextual marketing?

Contextual Marketing basically creates a personalized experience for each visitor of your website based on their needs and habits. You are able to deliver the right content to the right person and at the right time. This called smart content.

It is more important than ever to personalize content for your users. Understanding their needs, interests and habits will help you create relevant and lasting content.

But before starting your contextual strategies you need to consider getting to know your audience.

There are a couple of details which you should include in your Buyer Personas. A Buyer Persona is a semi-fictional character which represents your type of user. You can have multiple Buyer Personas depending on your service or product.

Do you need help building your Buyer Persona? We have an easy to use the template to help get you started here.


Once you have built your personas you need to segment the database you have into subscribers, leads, customers, qualified leads and other relevant segmentations. Once you have done your segmentation and all your contacts are assigned to a Buyer Persona you can create the right content for the right segment. That way you can communicate to the right audience in the right stage, which is crucial for contextual marketing.

If you don’t have a database yet and you are just starting with your marketing ensure you have a segmentation plan or strategy up your sleeve. You could start asking additional questions when users are opting into your marketing. If people are opting into something they like they won’t mind an extra question to fill out. But remember to try and keep your opt-in form as short as possible. This will give you more insight into your audience and will make the segmentation process easier. Here is a good example: []

The more information you can gather about your users the better and more targeted your marketing will be.

Under all circumstances try to keep your database clean and update contacts which have changed in the life cycle stages. It is really important you feed them the correct information, and evaluate your data regularly. If you have too much data to clean you could export just a couple of hundred, to begin with and have a look into that list. This excerpt will help you to start assessing your personas and their lifecycle stages.

Once this is done you can start your marketing and create your tailored content. The best technique to kick off the content is to use smart content on your website and also newsletters. Smart content means that the right content will be displayed depending on the viewer’s characteristics.

An example for you: If your buyer persona is female, 35 years old and owns a dog. You want to feed her special content about dogs. She would not be interested in cats or other small animals and may pass over this content.

Identify the best performing content pieces and create blog posts on similar topics. Feed your audience regularly with new content to lead them into your sales objectives.

To achieve your objectives it is important that you understand your audience and feed them with targeted content directed to their interests and their location in the life cycle. And yes, you want to entertain them but you also want to close the deal at the end and make that sale.

Content is the reason search began in the first place.