How 4DP can help you recover your lost social media accounts

Time and time again we see business owners inadvertently loosing their social media accounts.

From staff leaving the company (and taking the login details with them), to an algorithmic error flagging your content as inappropriate, there’s all sorts of reasons why you may not be able to recover your social media accounts.

Loosing your social media accounts can be an immensely stressful ordeal as you can’t access; Business Manager, Facebook Ads Manager, Messenger (for prospect enquiries), Creator account, or any pages or groups you operate in or manage on Facebook.

Firstly, make sure your business is using Business Manager to connect your business assets. That way you ensure that you have a central point for pages, assets and ad accounts. Make sure you assign roles in Business Manager and not on the back of the Facebook page itself.

Why is that important?
Private messenger accounts and Facebook accounts can get hacked. It is unlikely someone will hack into Business Manager. We have seen it all, from hackers getting into ad accounts to hackers hijacking pages to distribute porn. If you are serious about digital business, then you need Business Manager.

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Before you lose access to your accounts there are three steps you should follow to secure it.

1. Check roles periodically

Make sure that at least every quarter you sweep your account to see who has access and make sure that roles are appropriately assigned.

2. Share passwords

While access to your account should be restricted to a few people, make sure more than one person knows the password! This seems contradictory to everything you’ve been told about personal passwords but it is critical for business assets to share access.

Password vaults like 1Password are great tools to securely share passwords. Better yet, don’t share passwords at all and instead have roles assigned in Business Manager.

3. Have multiple gatekeepers

Alternatively most social media platforms can have multiple admins or managers of the account, allowing you to protect the account information but still allow others to access the profile through their personal account.

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How 4DP can help you recover your account

There is no shortcut to recovering accounts. The only thing you can do is to get in touch with Facebook, explain the issue and then prove that you are the rightful owner of your assets, Business Manager, Facebook page and so on. It’s not easy but it can be done and lately, it’s something that 4DP is asked to do on a weekly basis.

If you need help, please contact us.