Going Back to Work After Having a Baby

So, you had a baby and you’ve given your body the rest it needed and it’s now time to get back to work. According to reports, about 25% of women in the US return to work 10 days after giving birth. On the other hand, about 33% of women do not return to work after having a baby typically due to a lack of support.

If you have decided to get back to work then do not let the circumstances affect you. Here’s how to go back to work after having a baby:

Pay Attention to Your Health

Make sure to exercise, consume healthy meals, and take the required vitamins or medicines to ensure you stay healthy. Since you’d be taking care of more things now, not being careful can take a toll on your body.

Register for Childcare

Waste no time and register for childcare as soon as you’re eligible to ensure you have help available in case you need it. The process to register depends on where you reside so get in touch with the officials to know more.

Work From Home

More than 5% of Americans now work from home. Thanks to better technology, it’s possible to do everything from home, from conferences to planning. Working remotely will allow you to get more done in less time as you’d get to save time. If that’s not possible then you can look for part-time opportunities. 

Take Your Baby to Work

Not all offices allow this but some workplaces are open to the idea of letting mothers nurse their children at work, however, there may be certain restrictions. 

Be Clever About Feeding the Baby

You may have to wake up at odd hours to feed your baby, which can disrupt your sleep. Hence, make sure to give yourself the rest that you need. You can pump breast milk and ask family members or the nanny to get the job done.

Change Your Schedule a Bit

Your schedule will go for a toss since your baby can feel sleepy, hungry, or cranky without any warning. The best way to cater to this is to prepare a schedule for your child. It can be difficult in the beginning as most children begin to have a schedule after 100 days

You do not have to go to work right after giving birth to your child. Spend more time with your baby if you want to and look at opportunities that allow you to work from home.