Get Your Facebook Ad Targeting Right

We’ve all seen them, those creepy Facebook ads that show up on your newsfeed and that seem to be reading your thoughts. Yes, I was just thinking about going to Fiji for a week – Yes, I just needed to buy new dog food – or Yes, my mother-in-law suggested that new restaurant in town last week. Facebook Ad targeting is powerful and can reach the right people at the exact right moment. But that’s what makes it interesting for us, businesses, marketers and advertisers, to tag on to that need of our customers. With the right target audience set, we make sure our message gets delivered to people who are interested in what we have to say.

With a clutter of information on Facebook, we want to get leads that are worth the money we are investing. And we easily can decide who will be exposed to our ads. Facebook gives us a whole range of targeting options, going from more general such as location-based, to more specific such as people whose best friend’s birthday is coming up or people who just returned from a trip. With all these target options at hand, it might be a bit overwhelming to pick the right audience at first. That’s why we wanted to share this great infographic with you – created by Wordstream – that walks us through the different options, based on demographics, interests, behaviours and connections.

facebook ad targeting options