What can SEO companies or agencies do for you?
Search engine optimisation is pretty crucial in this day and age. Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average. You definitely want your product or service to be in the top results of google searches so your potential customers can find you.

And SEO takes time and knowledge – SEO companies and agencies know what they are doing and can help you increase your Google ranking a lot more efficiently. SEO involves many different aspects from keyword research, technical web development, user experience and much more.  

Why should your small business outsource SEO?
Search engines scan your website to ensure they are providing their user with the best source of information. The aim of Search Engine Optimisation is ensuring your website will provide the best experience to your user – in turn being exactly what the search engine is looking for. It’s a huge topic which to do effectively can be extremely time consuming.


It includes keyword research, keyword optimisation, increasing backlinks to help the trust score of your site and ensuring the length of content on each webpage is over 300 words amongst other things. Then there’s the technical side which can be tricky for someone without web development knowledge. From issues with unminified or uncompressed JavaScript and CSS files, to pages with slow load speed or low HTML/Text ratio.


You can find programs like SEMRush which once set up points out what needs optimising on your site but it isn’t cheap, can be time consuming and you need to understand how to use it effectively. Someone who already has this knowledge is definitely able to do this for you a lot quicker than working it out yourself.   

What is the best way to conduct market research for a new professional services venture?

The best way to start any research is, to begin with, your goals. First, outline clearly what you are aiming to achieve with your research. This will ensure your research has a clear scope and direction. 

Some broad areas of research are outlined below. 



As with any venture, it is vital to understand your customer when beginning a new professional services venture. Create a clear outline of your customer to help direct your business. Some questions to ask include:

  • What is the size of your market? 
  • What are the demographics of your market? 
  • What do your customers value?  

Speak to customers

The most direct method of research is speaking directly with customers. This can be done via a phone call, in person, or online (eg via a survey). 

Review existing customer research 

An alternative method is reviewing existing customer research. Research that has already been conducted may be sufficient to satisfy your research goals. Search online, or contact industry bodies to see if there has been previous research conducted. 


Consider the level of competition that already exists in your intended industry. For example:

  • How many other companies exist with the same services in your area/ geographic region?
  • What is the pricing range in the industry? 


An important element to consider is the demand for the services you intend to offer. Research how much demand there is for your offering. Google Trends can be useful for this type of research. 

What are some of the best marketing ideas you've seen by small businesses?
If a small business can engage their audience I think this is the best type of marketing. If they can create a community around their brand their customers are more likely to remember them and use their products or services in the future. Some of those ideas I’ve seen include:


– Successful Facebook Groups – if done well and have a good moderator.

– Regular newsletters that provide useful information that people want to hear about. Don’t just share stuff for the sake of it.

– An engaging social media presence that provides valuable information to its audience.

– Social media campaigns where the audience can take part.


There are loads more ways to do this but the main thing is that the marketing campaign is providing something to its audience – it’s not just about the brand.


What's your trick to increase click through rate from your landing pages?
To increase click through rate from your landing page you need to be providing relevant, valuable information targeted to your audience. This starts before they even get to your landing page – your Google Ads, Facebook or whatever is driving the traffic to your landing page needs to be targeting the same people who are interested in the information that you are sharing. Don’t use click bait! You want to write your ads with similar language and information that is on your landing pages so your audience won’t be disappointed when they get there. Then when looking at your landing page you want to provide a good balance of beautiful graphics and great content which is easy to read and set out clearly for your targeted audience to take in.
Can you still get leads or sales from Facebook without boosting post or buying ads?
Yes, you can still get leads but it isn’t nearly as easy as a paid campaign. You need to have a highly engaged audience who will share your content with their friends and have time up your sleeve to do implement and monitor. Or have really successful content other people will want to share with their friends driving traffic back to your page or website. Paid advertising does cost upfront but in the long run you can save your precious time as you can really target the people you want to see your ads who are likely to purchase from you and ensure your content will be seen.  
Are newsletters dead in email marketing?
If you are producing useful information that people want to read then no – newsletters definitely aren’t dead. If you are producing newsletters just for the sake of it then there isn’t really much point. You could be putting your time into something which is going to give you better ROI or is higher on your to do list.

Write your newsletters from the point of your readers and before you put anything out think would I be interested in this if I were in their position? Is it adding any value or would it make them want to stop what they are doing in their busy lives to read it? Newsletters help keep your brand top of mind for your customers and when they have that problem you can solve they are likely to think of your organisation first.

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