Facebook Native Store Locator

Facebook have taken advertising one step further, with the new ‘ad functionality’ of the ‘native store locator’ option. This new Facebook ad function will enable businesses to measure store visits which have come directly from Facebook ads. The native store locator will help users find the nearest store location, together with built in navigability, all within the one advert. It aims to make gathering information for shoppers an easier process, and hopefully to translate those mobile ad views into physical store visits.

The line between the physical world of shopping and purchasing, and the digital buying forum has been blurred by the increased capability and functionality of mobile devices. Yet, while apparently 45% of buyers use a mobile in all shopping journeys, either to browse items or check store locations, the majority of retail sales, in fact up to 90%, will still take place in store.

A vital challenge for businesses using Facebook ads is to be able to measure actual store visits, generated from their Facebook ads, together with corresponding ROI figures. It’s important for businesses to understand and measure the impact Facebook advertising campaigns may be having on their store visits, if any.

Often, trying to find store locations or information from the business’ website can be time consuming and frustrating. Users may have to leave the initial ad to search for the information, and it could require several steps before the information is obtained. There is the possibility of the user becoming frustrated with the process and abandoning the search. Facebook Local Awareness ads show users the stores nearest to them and provide helpful information, such as “Get Directions”, aiming to make physical store visits an easy and convenient option.

The new Facebook ad functionality of the native store locator allows for people on mobile devices to find business locations quickly and easily.


The store locator shows a map of all the locations that a business has nearby. Users can view information about locations by simply clicking on the map in the advert. They are able to view a store’s address, opening times, phone number, website and estimated time to destination, without ever leaving the advert.

Given that it has been quite difficult in the past to effectively measure the impact of advertising in relation to corresponding store visits, the new Facebook ad functionality of the native store locator will allow businesses to measure store visits from Facebook. Advertisers will have a better understanding of their store traffic, and which ads are converting to store visits and sales. This will give a more complete outline of how successful their advertising campaigns are, and whether they are achieving the desired ROI’s.

“Store visits” is based on information from people with location services enabled on their phone. The metric will be rolled out to advertisers globally over the coming months.

Facebooks is continually seeking to improve its ad functionality and provide new solutions for businesses who use the social media platform as an advertising vehicle.

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