Why your accounting firm needs to invest in digital marketing

If your accounting firm has a great website and sends an email newsletter out to your clients on occasion, you probably think you’re on top of your game when it comes to digital marketing. But in truth, there’s a good chance that you’re missing out on some major opportunities to target and
attract new clients, as well as interact and keep in contact with those already on your books.

It used to be that the most trustworthy and capable accounting firm would have the biggest and most professional looking yellow pages advert along with a big shiny sign at the front of their main street office. But now that phones are an extension of everyone’s hand and online reviews are only a finger click away, all accounting firms, regardless of size, are playing on the same digital field.


But digital marketing is not just about keeping up with the Jones’, it’s about providing insight, education and information to your target audience, so you can earn their trust. Various studies show that more than 60% of a purchase decision (in this profession) is made before they call your
office. This means your prospective client is making their choice based on how well you have met the challenge to captivate their very short online attention span in this highly competitive industry.


Even if you think your target clients aren’t the savviest when it comes to digital technology or Facebook may not the best choice of location for your preferred client, there’s a whole world of online marketing available for you to tailor to your needs.

Email Marketing

While you may already send out the occasional email, many firms don’t fully capitalise on this opportunity to send seasonal updates, business strategy advice, financial tips, and even just updates on new members of your team. Remember the idea is to be brief but consistent.

Social Media

Your target audience will determine which social platform is best suited to your accounting firm – but the overall idea is the same: build a strong online media presence. Social media is a place to build relationships,
share information to position your firm as a trustworthy authority, and to start conversations.


Everyone has a website, but it’s important to have a good quality and mobile-friendly website which accurately reflects your firm’s values. According to Adobe, 38% of people will leave a website if they don’t connect immediately with its look and feel, not to mention if the right
information isn’t readily available.

Google Reviews

Because people are turning to their mobile to search Google, and choosing an accounting firm is largely about choosing who you trust, it makes sense to invest in your Google presence. By garnering a good quantity of quality reviews, you can increase not only your ranking on Google, but also present greater credibility.





Having a regular blog (like ours) is an opportunity for your accounting firm to stand out as a “thought leader” while giving you the chance to share your knowledge and provide an insight to your partners and staff.

Digital marketing can be confusing

So many channels, so many things you could do but don’t know how. Make sure you are found, well presented and people understand what you have to offer.

Let us structure this for you. So you can focus on what you are good at – numbers.