Dating during COVID-19

Dating during COVID-19? How does that work? All those normal things you usually do, like going out with a new romantic partner to a local restaurant or taking a weekend getaway, or even seeing a movie or a show together is not doable at the moment. Your career, your social life, your shopping, your travel and many more everyday activities are under compromise these days, but your dating life doesn’t have to be. There are some simple methods each of us can take to be able to date virtually (and responsibly) during the coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19 takes its toll, and we are faced with an uncertain future. Every little bit of motivation and distraction is welcome. With the social distancing measurements in place, the whole world is longing for change and social interaction. But what if you can’t meet someone new like you use to? Our habits and our ordinary ways are changing, and we are looking into alternatives for socialising with people. What are our options, and how can we cope best in these uncertain times?

Let’s face it. Meeting someone new or dating is never comfortable, and with COVID-19, it’s even harder. It’s simply not the same! So is this the end of one night stands and the beginning of deeper relationships as we get to know one another and pull away from pure physical attraction? We might find out further down in time. Australians are forced to change their dating strategies due to the social distancing regulations currently in place. We need to be honest; we don’t know when the world will return to its former glory.

Because it’s becoming less available to meet people in person in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, dating apps are proving popular worldwide. In fact, video calls are up by 41%, and 30% of these calls are hitting the time limit. About 70% of intimacy is about sharing emotions to build a connection, and those things don’t need to be physical. Well, we are social creatures and in need of each other to keep our mental health intact. Being in a situation without physical contact may leave room for creativity in dating and getting to know somebody. A blind date on zoom, a FaceTime catch up or a nice walk outside (but keeping your distance of course). We understand being able to look and not touch might be an issue those dating apps are trying to overcome. But we are optimistic that we can overcome these times over the next three, six or nine months.

Believe it or not, digital dates are becoming a thing, with zoom even adding a little bit of ambience with its virtual backgrounds. Dating games are also becoming a new trend in getting to know a potential lover (or lovers, no judgement here). There are quite innocent couple games as you have most likely seen on Instagram and Snapchat and there is more…. in-depth ones. We would suggest doing your research first on your partner(s) preferences as some can get a little risqué. Probably don’t pop these out on a first virtual date as it could get a little awkward. If you are looking for love for the first time on dating apps use this time to bring your a-game in the pickup line arena. Now is the perfect time to gain confidence and practice. We had fun finding our favourite virus-related pickup lines, here are our top 6:

“If the virus doesn’t take you out, can I?”
“Is that pneumonia in my lungs or has your smile just left me breathless?”
“Hey Babe! Can I ship you a drink?”
“Even during the corona pandemic, the most contagious thing is still your smile.”
“You can’t spell virus without U and I”
“Hey! You come within 6 feet of here often?”

If you are in a long term relationship but don’t live together, why not use this time to bring the oomph! back into your love life. What’s better than creating more intimacy by getting to know each other more than you already do? Imagination is an important tool in a relationship, and now is the perfect time to use it.

Yes, it is still not the same as it was before and we might be in this situation for a little while longer, but we need to stay positive and have an open mind when it comes to our dating life. Don’t shut yourself out from the world just because you can’t physically meet someone new. There is more to a person than just the attraction to their appearance. Be in contact with people in the same shoes and talk about your problems with meeting someone new. You must share your thoughts and feelings with someone. Don’t keep it all for yourself.