Accountants and reputation dependent businesses are notoriously risk adverse and putting oneself “out there” on social media seems like a big no-no, BUT when done correctly you can use social media to grow and expand your accounting practice very effectively.

Elaine Clarke of Cheapaccounting.co.uk achieved success for her accounting franchise through what she calls her “Five P’s of Social Media Success: Planning, Patience, Persistence, Pleasure & Professionalism.” Elaine Clarke says, “Social Media has helped me to grow my business at a very rapid pace; a pace that I would not have been able to achieve if not for social media.”



Google Reviews for AccountantsAlthough not a social media platform it is best practice to set up a Google My Business Account – This FREE service will enable your enterprise to be quickly found based on your location and business type. Your listing will display your address, contact details, opening hours, web link and social media links.

Referrals are still the most significant source of new clients for accountants.
Ask your happy clients to leave a positive review, add comments and recommendations on your Google my Business page or on your business Facebook or LinkedIn pages. This type of social proof is a MASSIVE advantage.

Choose Your Social Media Platform Wisely. LinkedIn is mostly for professional contacts and companies, while Facebook and Twitter tend to be less business-oriented in comparison. Instagram is owned by Facebook and is a more visual platform. Each social media site has its strengths and offers a different set of tools for you to work with. All include some form of paid advertising solution to promote your business..

Don’t Forget Your Website – the storefront for your business. You should have links to your website blog on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Tweet and post links to your blog posts on each network to drive traffic to your blog and your informative articles. Remember the formula for successful social media posting:

  • 30% Your own content
  • 30% Industry or affiliate content
  • 30% Content your following will find interesting
  • 10% Humanising content, jokes, a day in the life, personal and fun content

Twitter is great for channelling traffic back to your business blog and creating awareness of any updates, events, news, affiliate programs or charitable opportunities you would like to promote.

Google Plus is about to be retired so don’t invest any time there.

The Facebook case study reveals the Australian company Taxbot– a virtual tax accountant service which helps complete basic tax returns in as little as 5 minutes, with the help of a bot for Messenger.

Facebook Messenger was used as the tool to reach and connect with existing customers and find and create a look-alike audience to market to.

The results of this campaign are presented in percentages:


For a successful LinkedIn, campaign targeting is critical. You can pay to reach an audience using their InMails, focusing on addressing a common pain point their industry suffers from and inviting a response.



Legacy Advantage successfully ran this type of campaign with an outcome of landing a new client worth CA$22,800 in two weeks of running it. See the full video interview here.

Social media can be a successful marketing, branding tool and prospecting tool. The benefits of social media marketing are that it can be a cost-effective way to engage with existing and potential clients, raise your profile, build loyalty, increase traffic to your website, build credibility for your brand and increase referrals.  

Using platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter your practice can invite clients to receive updates, comment, provide suggestions, share case studies and experiences, discuss products and services, post testimonials, establish closed networks and allow clients to connect with other clients. 

If you would like to discuss your social media efforts, work on your marketing plan or investigate a specific campaign then get into contact here.

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