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About Vetty Flea & Worm Treatment

Vetty is a flea and worm subscription based service created by David Walker, a pet owner who grew tired of the complexity of choosing parasite control for his pets and when he did remember he forgot to flea and worm them regularly anyway. He founded Vetty alongside Veterinarian Leon Christensen, to make pet health a lot simpler and more convenient for owners while also maintaining optimum health for pets.

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A subscription based model is a fantastic idea – think Netflix, but this type of model and product requires a custom built website which provides the functionality but doesn’t allow people without web development skills to manage. This is something we would recommend to anyone considering a new website – make sure you will be able to add new content and update information easily without the need to go through a third party developer or pay for additional add on services.

Because this is a new way of doing things for a lot of people, more online education and re-targeting is required to explain to people how the product works and why it is such a great product compared to something people are already familiar with.

Educate, educate, educate – this is so important in all marketing campaigns. People need to ‘get you’ – to understand what you do and how your product will benefit them easily. And by educating your audience you are allowing them to make their own decision rather than by pushing your products or services on to them in the old ‘salesy’ way people are getting tired of.
By providing valuable, useful, relatable content and information in a strategic way you are going to be far more successful at what you do and your audience will remember you, and more importantly begin to trust you.
Testing is also important to see what is working for your website, applications like  allow you to see how your customers are interacting with your website (and where they are converting or exiting your site). After using Hotjar to see how customers were interacting with this site we decided to also implement A/B testing on two different landing pages to work out if the UX was an issue. Testing can show where you can improve, how people unfamiliar with your product interact and also confirm whether your insights are correct.

Marketing needs to take an omni channel approach, you need to market via various channels online and offline to really make an impact. We would highly recommend utilising those other channels alongside paid online ads – including suppliers assets

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