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Sol Alpaca is a leading alpaca producer and exporter in the world, producing high-quality fashion, accessories and homewares since 1931. Originally from Peru, the brand quickly established its presence in Australia. Each collection item provides trendy, classic, eco, premium, and hand-made products made of the finest Peruvian fibres such as alpaca and vicuña.

About Sol Alpaca

Sol Alpaca approached Four Drunk Parrots during COVID-19 when the majority of retailers were forced to close or reduce their operations, due to pandemic restrictions.

Sol Alpaca’s physical boutique is located in the beautiful space of Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building. This stunning and vibrant historical building, usually filled with locals and visitors, has become unpleasantly quiet since the pandemic started, which also affected in-store sales.

The Sol Alpaca team needed a quick solution and retrained their focus onto the online space. They had quietly released a mid-year sale, but despite running for a while it hadn’t seen big results.

How did we help


Sol Alpaca has established an online presence, but online shopping wasn’t a priority. Instead, their focus was on showcasing the quality products in-store.

After reviewing their Shopify-based e-commerce business, 4DP was encouraged by the sizable database of active customers who showed a strong interest and potential to buy. Upon review, we also discovered the client’s integration between Shopify and MailChimp (ShopSync) was disconnected, so new clients were not receiving emails from MailChimp.

We reinstated the ShopSync app integration, allowing MailChimp and Shopify to talk to each other, and enabling more powerful segmentation within MailChimp. As Sol Alpaca’s goal was to drive online sales and announce their 40% off mid-year sale, we reviewed their past campaigns and branding protocols, before creating a successful email campaign.

As part of this campaign, we were focused on making the most of Sol Alpaca’s large database. We designed, worded and sent an email campaign announcing their 40% off sale which resulted in an increase in sales by 2397% (you are reading correctly) compared to the previous week when 4DP wasn’t involved.

As part of the project, we also identified that the sale was not being highlighted anywhere on the website – only via product pricing. Given that Sol Alpaca rarely runs sales – much less 40% off – we saw this as an opportunity for new customers and quickly helped them create awareness on the homepage, and via a banner at the top of every page.

For website visitors who were not customers and not yet ready to buy, we designed and implemented a new pop up form to encourage visitors to subscribe to the Sol Alpaca newsletter (without offering a discount). Our goal is to generate subscribers who are interested in sale announcements, new products and Sol Alpaca news rather than discounts. We also know how powerful the Sol Alpaca email database is, so we’ll continue working with them to grow it.

After reviewing the campaign results and identifying the huge success of the initial email campaign, we reworded and tweaked the email campaign to resend to the entire database a few days later. Rather than simply sending to non-openers from the initial campaign (as is usually the case) we decided to send to the entire database again and give them a second chance to purchase (particularly as our first overwhelming weekend saw a few inventory hiccups and out-of-stock items).
Lastly, in order to nurture new leads, we implemented a new welcome email to welcome new subscribers to the family and share the story of the Sol Alpaca brand.

Sol Alpaca was understandably happy and impressed by the number of sales the online campaign created. They continue to be busy during this stage of the pandemic.

We are looking forward to working with Sol Alpaca and exploring all the options the eCommerce space has to offer. We’re planning Black Friday promotions with Sol Alpaca, as well as Facebook campaigns and further email marketing. We look forward to helping them grow their business during these unusual economic times.

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