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Social Futures

Social Futures work to achieve positive social change in regional Australia. We know your local community because we live here too.

About Social Futures

Social Futures is one of the largest Not-for-Profit organisations in NSW with upwards of 440 Million in funds to allocate to the community they service. They are an organisation which envisages communities in which people are equally valued and included. They are committed to improving the lives of people they serve and work directly with individuals, families, community and government organisations in the priority areas of homelessness and housing, youth and family services and disability services. We can definitely get behind an organisation like that!

How did we help


We ran two separate campaigns over two months this year for their main organisation brand and also 3 non-profit services they manage to:

Meet specific KPIs
Raise awareness of their services
Create more engagement

We provided a full CMO service to Social futures which included:

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy and Implementation
Facebook Advertising and reporting
Engaging Social Media Content
Specific Landing pages for their target audience
Mailchimp campaign

For a relatively low advertising budget ($4,000) we were able to reach over 180,000 people in the community increasing their engagement and awareness massively of the services they provide.
We reviewed our results and what was working during the first campaign and worked to create an even more targeted and reduced budget during their second campaign.

Engaging everyone involved and utilising their knowledge, and to also set up a brainstorm session is a great way to create content as everyone has a different viewpoint, knowledge or experience. We do have to admit we love a good content brainstorming session.

Getting clear on your KPIs initially also ensures you are all on the same page in what content to create and why you are sharing what you are sharing. Also making sure the content you are sharing is relevant and provides added value to those you are creating it for will create better ROI.

Reviewing your results and seeing where you can improve regularly is incredibly beneficial – review what is working and what’s not and don’t be afraid to change tact during a campaign as not many strategies go 100% to plan. Utilising third party tools like to review how your social media pages are performing are extremely useful.
And also is a great scheduling tool for multiple social media channels and really easy to use – you can even trial a free account. It also has inbuilt analytics to help reschedule content and track analytics.

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