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Oceanic Research Institute (ORI)

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About Oceanic Research Institute (ORI)

As a marketing agency based in the Northern Rivers we are passionate about creating a positive change and love supporting causes that align with our values as people and as marketers. We find the two are inherently connected with each other when choosing to support causes close to our hearts.

When we came across the Oceanic Research Institute (ORI) we loved the idea of pushing the organisation forward to reach its full potential.

As their CMO we adopted the role of strategy partner and became invested in bringing exposure to their goals as an organisation. ORI is an independent organisation that funds field research operations for the protection of the environment. Their aim as an organisation is to ensure high impact value and strong return on investment from their donors.

How did we help



The first goal Four Drunk Parrots was focused upon was applying on behalf of the organisation for a Google grant.
Google grants allow clients to have allocated money from Google to spend on their advertising needs. The grant contributes $10,000 in advertising credit for not-for-profit causes.

As Google Ad Grant Certified Professionals, Four Drunk Parrots have experience in ensuring you are eligible for the grant and setting this up on your behalf with the Google Ads team. The grant helps generate leads and aids your other fundraising channels, like TV advertising, print media, and general PR.

Another goal for Four Drunk Parrots was to improve the design of ORI’s Website.

This was a challenge we accepted. With design skills second to none we set about ensuring that the website piqued people’s interest from the moment they landed on the ORI website.

With a diversified team of web designers, content creators and marketing specialists we were able to tailor a design to suit the needs of our client. This included managing the relationship between ORI and their target audience with clear succinct copy explaining how they achieve their goals as an organisation and what they need, to continue to do so. Luckily at Four Drunk Parrots we have highly skilled copy writers that can create the perfect tone and rhetoric needed to interest potential donors and the public.

Next we set about the operational side of things, ensuring that the functionality of the website was easily accessible to its users. We looked into the ways in which we could improve user experience and create a faster, more efficient site. ORI and the public can now navigate their site with ease, and with our focus on mobile optimisation, potential new and existing clients can seamlessly access the site on a range of devices and connect to their social media as well.

As your CMO and strategy partner it is our job to ensure we create a clear path forward for your organisation’s marketing and to do this requires various ranges of skills from our social media experts, SEO professionals, strategy planners, graphic designers, fullstack developers and digital marketing experts. This is why Four Drunk Parrots differs from other strategists – we have a whole team of dedicated professionals that don’t just address one need, we address all of them. As your CMO we will research and drive action to continuously improve customer perceptions of your organisation in stark contrast to your competitors.

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