Mind Heart Connect

About Mind Heart Connect

Mind Heart Heart Connect (or MHC for short) is a revolutionary not-for-profit, start-up conference aimed at health and educational professionals from the USA, UK and Australia who are interested in professional development for trauma relief.

This event brings together top professionals in their field over three days and provides opportunities for delegates to explore and be educated by leaders in evidence-based practices of the mind, body, and heart connection through inspiring presentations and specialised workshops

How Mind Heart Connect Began

A chance encounter brought founders Dr. Peta Stapleton and Kate Helder together – and with shared passion and purpose, they instantly clicked and decided to create Mind Heart Connect Pty Ltd. With their complementary skills it was a match made in heaven.

Associate Professor Peta Stapleton is a registered Clinical and Health psychologist and is Program Director of the Master of Clinical Psychology program at Bond University. Peta is also very sought after speaker, trainer and world leading researcher who presents across Australia and internationally.

Kate Helder is a social entrepreneur with a genuine interest in health and wellbeing. With over 25 years experience in sales, marketing and project management, Kate is committed to creating a greater awareness of the mind & body link and to bringing EFT (aka Tapping) to the broader community.

How did we help


Dr Peta Stapleton was already a client of 4DP’s before Mind Heart Connect. Peta and Kate needed additional marketing support to promote their inaugural conference in 2017 so decided to come to us. They then came back to us again in 2018 to promote their second 2019 event.

The primary goal for MHC was to fill the conference and empower attendees in their work with trauma relief. To do this we implemented targeted Facebook and Instagram paid and organic campaigns to raise awareness and sell tickets.

In our paid advertising campaign we started with a broad audience and then drilled down into our re-targeting health professionals (particularly nurses) and those already familiar with Peta Stapleton or Mind Heart Connect (via their website or Facebook) using a traditional marketing style funnel which is still extremely effective.

We also created a library of stylish branded imagery for promotion throughout the campaign. An engaging editorial calendar which we automatically scheduled on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns reached a combination of warm and new audiences dramatically increasing traffic to their website. In combination with email newsletter promotions and organic posts this increased people’s awareness of the conference and assisted in selling out the 2019 conference.

Their second event was a huge success, with loads of breakthroughs, tears and laughter had by everyone. Congratulations to Kate and Peta for providing such a rewarding and necessary event.

Services provided include

  • Graphic Design
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising
  • Social Media Editorial Calendar and auto scheduling

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