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Let’s put it this way: Prof Dr Peta Stapelton is busy – very busy. This is why 4DP runs her marketing department – whatever is needed, we are organizing it. From managing her websites, her online students, to writing her blog posts, entertaining her social following, PR, designing her ebooks, and much more. We do that within an agreed weekly set of hours which is a relief for Peta’s full schedule. We see ourselves as the extended marketing arm for her online empire.

Some of the Service we supply to Peta include 

PPC Campaigns

Lead Magnets/eBook Development


Affiliate Program Development


Writing Case Studies

eCommerce Management (including Flash Sales)

Conference Management and Promotion

Who is Dr Peta Stapleton? What is EFT?

Prof. Dr. Stapelton has a full-time gig at Bond University and is one of the world leading researchers in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Her groundbreaking neuro-images prove the effects of ‘tapping’ on brain, mood and body. Stapelton gained international credibility with her research on trauma and weightloss management Peta has a long list of accolades and awards and is a much sought after TedX presenter, author and an engaging public speaker.

Most recently she won the award Woman In Business Australia – Innovation and Technology Award, Gold Coast, for her work with Tapping in the Classroom – an online learning system for teachers from around the world who want to learn how to apply EFT in the classroom. Especially after the mass school shootings in the US, Tapping in the Classroom became quite popular amongst teachers to help students dealing with trauma.

As the world’s leading researcher in EFT, Peta leads the way with a Hay House publication to be released 2019, two innovative tapping apps, a series of useful ebooks, reference posters and a series of training courses, as well as an effective engaging podcast channel aimed at those who want to learn more from an expert about EFT.

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