Circulate Northern Rivers

Circulate Northern Rivers

Circulate Northern Rivers is an organisation designed to help local businesses in the Northern Rivers NSW understand and realise a circular economy. Circulate Northern Rivers aims to help eradicate waste by keeping resources and products in use for as long as possible. The longer materials and resources are in use; the more value is extracted from them.

About Circulate Northern Rivers

A circular economy is essentially one in which there is no waste. Businesses are moving towards a circular economy to deliver benefits such as reducing pressure on the environment, improving the security of the supply of raw materials, increasing competitiveness, stimulating innovation, and boosting economic growth by creating new jobs.

During our strategy meetings, we established that Circulate Northern Rivers should be a standalone brand (from its parent organisation) that should resonate with local business owners.

The concept of the circular economy has left the realm of academic theory and entered the world of business. The price of natural resources and materials is soaring, and in response to volatile markets and increasing competition, developed nations are examining this sort of alternative economic model.

How did we help


The brand Circulate Northern Rivers wants to inspire and encourage local businesses to participate in the Circular Economy to create a sustainable and healthy local economy for the future. 4DP were asked to create the branding for Circulate Northern Rivers.

To create a brand identity, you need to know what your brand should say, what the values are, how to communicate the service or product, and also what people should feel when they interact with the brand. The brand identity is the personality of a business and promise to potential clients.

We were focused on the following to create the branding:

  • Research target audience and competitors.
  • Focus on personality to create the copy or slogans.
  • Choose the look and feel of your brand (colours and fonts).
  • Design your logo.
  • Apply your branding across your business.

It is important to document it all in a style guide for future reference and for possible new staff, contractors or freelancers who might work on your brand in the future. We always suggest that you keep the open files of all your company assets (such as Photoshop files) so as to allow future changes by other graphic designers.

Why is the right branding so important?

  1. It is the face or your product or service. Your logo is most likely one of the first things people see when looking for you. It also gives the first important impression on a potential client.
  2. The right branding isn’t only for your product and to make it stand out; it also makes your brand more authoritative within the marketplace. If you keep consistency with your branding, you will develop credibility among possible competitors and build trust among your customers.
  3. A brand identity is included in all your advertising and is the face of your business. If it is well placed, it promotes itself and gets the right impressions to your potential buyers. It doesn’t matter if you have print material that might look a little bit different than your online presence, but your colours, type, theme, and messages should always be consistent across all your channels.
  4. Customers are most likely to stay with you if they can identify themselves with your brand. Remember, the right product might generate customers, but a good brand will generate ambassadors.

Creating a brand identity can be a long process, and it often means starting from scratch once or twice. The perfect brand is elusive and virtually impossible to nail the first time – but when it emerges and everyone is happy, it feels like planets aligning.

With Circulate Northern Rivers we tried a few different methods until we finally found the right colours, font and logo. The final result perfectly represents their mission statement, identity and overall business concept. We have done a little historic development for our client in the case of logo and primary colours which you can see in the image below.

A strong brand identity can establish an emotional connection and empathy with your customers. It can be a solid foundation for building a lasting relationship between you and your customers.

Do you need a new creative approach?

4DP is the right strategic partner for your next steps to a compelling, unique and trustworthy brand identity.

We can help you rebrand your old company image with a fresh, modern appeal or start a new exciting journey together to design the brand your customers need. It is essential that your customers instantly recognise who you are and what you stand for.

With the right logo and brand, you become more than just a name or a symbol.

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