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Ballina's Creative Hub for Young People

About B-Space

B-Space is a non profit creative hub for young people, 12-17 from all walks of life, where they can try new activities, meet new people and be creative! One of many amazing services provided by one of our clients Social Futures. They came to us because they required a  social media marketing plan targeted towards their audience.

The challenges they faced were recruiting volunteers and raising awareness of their services in the local Ballina area. Very similar to Social Futures other youth program the Clubhouse. This is a fairly common issue and KPI in not for profit marketing.

How did we help


The main findings

Creating Your Social Media Marketing Plan

We say this a lot – which I guess is why we consider ourselves strategy experts – creating a well thought out strategy before you begin any marketing campaign builds strong foundations and will definitely provide you with better ROI. Take the time to really build a strategy before you begin – this will allow you to see what may not work before you being and hone in on your goals and how to get there.

We developed a comprehensive clear social media marketing plan and strategy for B-Space around their KPI’s they needed to meet.

If you are looking at creating your own for profit or non-profit marketing strategy check out our strategy development toolkit here.

Defining Your Audience

The target audiences for B=Space were similar to the Clubhouse – Parents, Young People and Volunteers but in and around Ballina. We took a similar approach and created content for our audiences around the KPI’s and rotated it on Facebook and Instagram.

Tracking Your Results (and Following Up)

Tracking your results is essential. We always have an idea going into a campaign what will work but its always interesting to see what the numbers show. During this campaign we weren’t receiving nearly as many volunteer leads as we had hoped via our initial strategy plan so we veered off course slightly and tried Facebook lead ads which provided much more success. Don’t be afraid to change your strategy if something isn’t working – that’s why we track results!

What we learnt

Other than making changes to your original strategy can be essential at times, we discovered that really knowing who your audience is plays a much bigger part in a strategy than a lot of people think. You can put out the type of content you like but if it’s not what your audience want to engage with it’s not going to work. This is why monitoring your results regularly is so important and can let you know what you should be sharing more of or what doesn’t really work with your audience.

Above are examples of a B-Space Instagram Banner. A quick and easy way to make your Instagram look beautifully curated.


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