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Barefoot Fishing Safaris

Watty was given a chance to chase a dream in 2011 and grabbed hold of it with both hands. Barefoot was born in 2013 and continues put a smile on my face every time I’m on the water with you guys. Within a few years a reputation was building of a good time, laughs, learning, adventure and of course innovation and quality fishing.

About Barefoot Fishing Safaris

abstract four drunk parrotsBarefoot Fishing Safaris is located in Darwin and specialises in Reef Fishing Charters and Fly Fishing Charters. The company, headed by Glenn Watts, focuses on giving his customers the fishing trip of a lifetime, whether it’s a day trip or the full liveaboard experience. Since Barefoot Fishing Safaris has been working with 4DP the marketing direction has been much clearer, the fishing charter business has been booming (and then on-hold thanks to COVID-19) and the monthly membership subscription has gone through the roof.

How did we help


Our goals were simple:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Create more engagement across all channels
  • Launch the monthly lottery
  • Sell fishing charter trips
  • Launch email nurturing

Feeding the funnel

Barefoot Fishing Safaris (BFS) gave us the opportunity to create a bigger following for the brand and update their current marketing strategy to one that directly aligned with their clientele. The outcome of optimising their marketing resulted in reduced Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) and a significant increase in the growth of the business. We did this a number of ways, the most prominent, however, was our Facebook ads strategy. Our objective was to reach a wide audience and ensure our ad funnels engaged the target audience at the right time.

Four drunk parrots on a stickVideos were created with “fishing tips and tricks” to attract a targeted audience. One way we did this was by boosting a trending crocodile video from BFS on the Facebook page which allowed us to get a significant amount of engagement and likes on the page.

Through this engagement, we were able to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences to target and run to our ad funnels.

The funnel that was created from this allowed the audience to get a free comprehensive guide to fishing the Daly River in exchange for their email address.

After we delivered the guide by email, subscribers were invited to join the Outcast Fishing Club.  Monthly membership in the club enters members into a draw to win a fishing trip and other exclusive prizes.

Through this process, we attracted 143 opt-ins and 30 new members in the space of 3 weeks with only $10 spent on Facebook ads daily.

We also worked on organic reach to increase leads and traffic. We created a detailed digital marketing strategy and drove competitions that ran across all platforms in order to acquire our target audience’s email addresses. We also aimed to create more engagement on the Facebook page, to allow us to further engage with them and deliver more traffic into the funnel.

After this significant growth, we continued to push consistent engagement across the platforms. This was done with social media community management, competitions, scratchies for new members, one-minute Mondays, blogs, and monthly prize draws for members. All of these contributed to improving brand awareness and meeting our KPI’s.


From click funnels to Active Campaign

Another significant factor that helped improve Barefoot Fishing Safaris engagement was the automation system that we put in place for new leads as well as for customers. We developed a cohesive lead nurturing sequence in Active Campaign that increased conversions and sales over time.

four drunk parrots in the pictureHaving taken over the membership sales communications from another party, we decided to strip the funnel right back. Our CRM expert set up actions triggering emails to prospects and subscribers with a convincing copy to win their business. That strategy proved successful, and we expanded the email automation and regular newsletters.

Along the way, we continued monitoring results and feedback, and adjusting our communications and strategy where we saw opportunity to do so.

An inbound marketing strategy will place your customers exactly where they need to be in the funnel, so you can target their needs efficiently and expertly. You don’t need a huge ads budget to create effective communication, you need an effective marketing strategy that helps to keep the brand exactly where it is supposed to be – on top of consumer awareness.

As your CMO we can guide your team through the new age of customer experience.

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