Can corporate merchandise increase employee engagement?

A study conducted by the Promotional Products Association International showed that 70% of recipients of promotional items had a more favourable opinion of the organisations who gave them the gifts, and nearly half said they were more likely to do business with those companies. In addition, over 80% said they kept the promotional product for more than a year, providing extended exposure for the brand.

With such high rates of brand recall and customer loyalty, it’s no wonder that so many companies are using promotional merchandise as a tool to reward employees. So if you’re looking for a way to boost employee morale and motivation, consider giving them some branded swag.

Here are some of the ways that corporate merchandise can benefit your business and increase employee engagement:

Appreciation = motivation

Fun fact—inspired employees are up to 125% more productive. Therefore, an employee’s motivation is critical to an organisation’s prosperity. It will increase the degree of responsibility, drive and energy that team members bring to their job each day. Without this approach, organisations will experience decreased efficiency and lower output. Once that occurs, something as symbolic and meaningful as corporate merchandise can help restore the company spirit. When employees receive gifts, they tend to feel appreciated by the company. Appreciation is a fundamental human need and it’s closely tied to employee satisfaction. If you make your workers feel appreciated, you’ll see an uptick not just in productivity but also in creativity and quality of work.

Emotional attachment

The excitement of receiving branded merchandise is unmistakable and can reignite the drive and energy that employees experienced on their first day. Corporate products can create an emotional link between workers and the organisation, especially if the gifting happened on a significant event or occasion. And while some might see it as a superficial way to show appreciation, it’s actually quite the contrary. Merchandise gifting is an excellent way to show that you value your employees’ hard work and dedication to the company. It’s a thoughtful gesture that can make a lasting impression.

Create a positive work environment

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of receiving some new branded merchandise. Whether it’s a t-shirt, a coffee mug, or a corporate pen, giving a gift to your employees can be a great way to demonstrate that you’re willing to invest in them. If they’re feeling bogged down by their work routine, it could be just the thing they need to interject some excitement into their day, which will create a more positive and enjoyable environment for them to thrive in.

Shared values

Merchandise is a powerful tool. It can help promote your business values and keep them fresh in your workers’ minds. A simple but powerful message on a mug or t-shirt can send that inspirational message across the company. When employees come across these powerful words often, they subconsciously align with the mindset needed to thrive in their role. Giving corporate gifts with messages that represent your brand values can keep your workers uplifted and inspired, while simultaneously promoting your brand.

Aligned goals

Every business has an overarching goal. But when the business grows, it’s easy for new employees to join the organisation without fully understanding what it stands for. Long-serving workers may also lose sight of what is important unless employers enforce these goals. Merchandise can be a great way to enforce company values and goals. These gifts serve as a constant reminder of the company’s values, making it more likely that employees will act in accordance with them. So if you want to make sure your employees are always aligned with your business goals, consider giving them some promotional merchandise.

The bottom line

Corporate merchandise can serve as a great source of motivation for employees. After all, who doesn’t love getting freebies? But beyond the initial thrill of receiving a gift, corporate merchandise can also play an important role in promoting company loyalty and pride.

Every time an employee uses a branded mug or wears a company t-shirt, they are effectively spreading the word about your business. And when your employees feel proud to represent your brand, they are more likely to go the extra mile to improve their work. So next time you’re looking for a way to engage, inspire and retain your staff, consider investing in some corporate merchandise.

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