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5 Predictions of Marketing Change in 2018

Reaching your target audience through a content-cluttered landscape – and their ad blockers – will be harder than ever in 2018. Fortunately, new technologies and tactics are on the rise. When you work in marketing, you are getting used to change. This world of...

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CFO and CMO: A Likely Collaboration?

Within the C-Suite exist two of the great pillars of corporate success—the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). Traditionally the CFO has been perceived as the somewhat more conservative ‘older brother’ to his counterpart the CMO; the...

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Get Your Facebook Ad Targeting Right

We've all seen them, those creepy Facebook ads that show up on your newsfeed and that seem to be reading your thoughts. Yes, I was just thinking about going to Fiji for a week - Yes, I just needed to buy new dog food - or Yes, my mother-in-law suggested that new...

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The Best Instagram Ads

Are you looking for inspiration to get your ad campaign rolling? Here are some of the best ads from the Instagram Ad Campaign Creatives. But we won’t just show them to you – we’ll tell you why they work!   1.  The impression of 3D draws and holds viewer attention. The...

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Facebook Native Store Locator

Facebook have taken advertising one step further, with the new 'ad functionality' of the 'native store locator' option. This new Facebook ad function will enable businesses to measure store visits which have come directly from Facebook ads. The native store locator...

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Frogley’s Offshore

When Frogley's Offshore came to us years ago, they were outsourcing their marketing, PR and social media to several businesses, as well as doing a whole bunch on their own. Then, they grew. And grew! And now they’re growing beyond. Four Drunk Parrots has been thrilled...

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Health Energy Case Study

What can a PR agency achieve in just one day? You may be surprised by the result; the client certainly wasn’t expecting the exposure we achieved. At Four Drunk Parrots we like to do things a little differently – we fully believe in our abilities and resources to get...

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Mini-Vet Guide – Dr Gerado Poli

When published author and veterinary surgeon, Dr. Gerado Poli, approached Four Drunk Parrots for PR, little did he know how successfully his book would sell outside of Australia, or just how much his profile would take off — worldwide. In just 8 months, the Four Drunk...

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Dr Alex Hynes – Bondi Vet

Creating The Next Bondi Vet: Dr Alex Hynes Four Drunk Parrots created a kick-ass brand for Dr Alex Hynes, developing an awesome integrated social, PR and product line campaign, which resulted in us growing her reach from nothing to 200,000 per week, and achieving 1.25...

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Pet Industry China – Update 2016

If you are in the pet industry, you know that everyone is looking towards China at the moment. Here at Four Drunk Parrots, or 4DP, we work with many pet shop suppliers, pet food producers, pet toys producers, veterinarians and pet related start-ups. In fact, every...

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B2B Marketing Trends 2017

As the first quarter of 2017 comes to an end, there are four trends already becoming favourites:   Marketing Automation Content Marketing Personalisation Mobile Marketing (And we’ve thrown in a few extra trends so you can be ahead of the curve.)   Marketing Automation...

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Best Social Media Marketing Tools

There are an abundance of social media marketing tools to assist us in becoming bolder and more effective with our strategy, but sometimes it can seem overwhelming. Statistics from the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog's Marketing Technology Landscape show an increase...

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