Benchmarking in Business

Benchmarking in Business

Not for Profit Sector and Social Media Benchmarking in Business

How are your social media results measuring up?

It’s not always that easy to determine how your social media is stacking up against other organisations. But benchmarking in business (in any area) is a really important element in determining your successes. If you aren’t already benchmarking we have some suggestions on where to start.

Cambridge dictionary says it is “the act of measuring the quality of something by comparing it with something else of an accepted standard” and that’s exactly what we do to benchmark social media. We compare ourselves to the competition so we can understand if our activities are successful or not.

 The first thing you should do is to seek out your industry standards. RivaliQ has just released their findings on non profits in the USA, where you can find out the type of posts and content that has recently been gaining traction here:

But you should be able to find plenty of other research and reports out there on the world wide web and by doing some market research into other similar brands directly on their social media channels.


Here’s a few starting pointers for benchmarking in business:  

  1. Compare the same network, ie Facebook and Facebook or Instagram and Instagram.
  2. Decide on which metrics you will compare?
  3. Analyse and Report

So why should we benchmark businesses?

Social media successes are so much more than just getting the most comments or likes, it’s about increasing your engagement rate and also growing the percentage of your audience that engages with your organisation.

For more info on benchmarking in business Buffer also details another way to benchmark your social media here.

Are you ready to take action but unsure how to tackle business benchmarking in the digital world? Contact our team today to find out how your business can implement measurable social outcomes with an omnichannel marketing strategy,