Hydroelectric Power in Uganda

Energy Poverty. Do you know what that is? How it affects people? How much do you take your light switches for granted? 

In 2018, up to 57% of Ugandan people experienced energy poverty. Power outages affect food and medical storage, industry and economic growth, and even students, rendering them unable to access educational resources or complete their studies at night. While these numbers have been slowly rising over the past few decades, the amount of Ugandan people with access to electricity has skyrocketed since the installation of the nation’s Ishasha Hydroelectric power station in 2011. 

Ishasha Hydroelectric Power Station
Uganda Ishasha River Map

 Ishasha Hydroelectric power plant provide residents with the annual 29.4GWh of stable and sufficient power needed to live productive and improved lives. The production of renewable energy effectively removes 19,000 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere every year. Even the size of the power station itself contributes to minimise impact to the environment. With it’s small scale structure the station relies only on free-flowing water without the need for damming. Because of this, water quality is not compromised and native fish are not disturbed on their migratory journeys. 


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